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9:26 a.m. - September 22, 2006
Smed's Hall Of Fame - 2005
Well, itís time for me to hit the road again. I have a conference to go to in Toledo, and am augmenting that with a trip to Evansville (for a writing project for this here site, among other things) and then a side trip up to Michigan for some work and hopefully some fun.

So Iíll be out of pocket until Thursday where I may recap my travails, and the possible meeting of up to six of my readers and friends (all in well lighted, public places, mind you!) at various locales. But I plan to be a good boy, and get plenty of rest, and think happy thoughts of unicorns and rainbows. Or something.

But anyway, I wanted to give you something to tide yourself over while Iím gone.

I went through my 2005 ramblings and listed the ones that I thought were the best, funniest, and showed the true Essence of Smed. Among them are the adoption stories, family life, inane observations, the infamous KY essay and the even more infamous picture of the nativity scene lined up in a football formation.

You may want to bookmark this page and come back to it during my trip, so you can get your daily does oí Smed. That is, if you want to have your daily dose. Smed withdrawal can be harmful to your health, ya know. At least thatís what I keep telling Liz.

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- A Child Bride In BFE Land

- In My Mailbox


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