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12:46 a.m. - September 05, 2005
Fukui-san: It's The Iron Chef Breakfast!
Fukui: It’s a special day here in kitchen stadium as Chairman Kaga has elected a special breakfast battle today, featuring Iron Chef Chen Kinishi taking on an unknown American challenger, simply called Smed, from Indiana. I’m Kenju Fukui, and our guest today is actress Mayuko Takata.

Takata: Hi, nice to be here, tee hee.

Fukui: Takata-san, have you had an American breakfast before.

Takata: Oh, sure, I’ve had some American breakfast before, some eggs, pastries, and toast - but not much else, tee hee. I’m not sure I’ve had all the meat though. I’m looking forward to that…tee hee.

Fukui: With me as always is our commentator, Dr. Yukio Hattori

Hattori: Always a pleasure.

Fukui: Since this is a special breakfast battle, the ingredients are already in kitchen stadium. Smed is already hard at work, his assistants are chopping up potatoes, and he’s mixing dough in a bowl.

Ohta: Fukui-san

Fukui: Reporter Shinichiro Ohta, go.

Ohta: The challenger is making a simple blueberry muffin mixture in his bowl.

Fukui: Potatoes, and blueberry muffins. This is the start of an interesting breakfast.

Hattori: He’s now adding the blueberries to the dough. This is called folding in the blueberries.

Fukui: He does that with care.

Takata: Blueberry muffins, my favorite, tee hee.

Ohta: Fukui-san! The challenger is now putting canola oil in a skillet in order to make hash browned potatoes, and he’s calling for some milk, bacon and sausages and about two dozen eggs.

Fukui: Ah, this is now going to be coming together.

Hattori: He may be going to make an omelet, or some other egg dish.

Takata: Tee hee! Yum!

Fukui: Smed, the challenger, from Indiana, is pouring the muffin mixture into the muffin tins and now sliding them into the oven. Now, he takes the bacon and the sausage and slaps several pieces of each on the griddle

Takata: Listen to the sizzle, tee hee!

Hattori: He’ll want to be sure the sausage is brown and the bacon nice and crispy.

Fukui: Now he’s over giving the potatoes a stir in the skillet, and then goes cracking some eggs in a bowl, and then adds milk.

Ohta: The challenger has asked for some sandwich bread.

Hattori: He must be making French toast.

Fukui: French toast, of course! The challenger is at a second griddle, and is coating each side of bread with the egg and milk mixture, and slapping the bread on the griddle. Meanwhile, his assistants are stirring the potatoes.

Hattori: They’re adding some pepper to them to give them a little spice.

Takata: Oh, I like it spicy, tee hee.

Fukui: Now, the challenger takes the remainder of the eggs and cracks them in a bowl, and stirs them up. He’s adding some milk.

Hattori: I bet he’s making scrambled eggs, and the milk is to make the eggs a little fluffier.

Takata: Fluffy eggs! I wondered how they got that way! Tee hee!

Fukui: Now he’s adding something to the eggs.

Ohta: This is parmesan cheese, Fukui-san.

Hattori: Hmmm, this is a new one. Never would have thought of that. I bet it’s tasty though.

Fukui: Look at him go – he’s turning the bacon and the sausage to make sure they’re not overdone, and now he’s at the French toast, and look at him flip the toast. He’s a master with the spatula.

Hattori: You don’t want to get the French toast overdone, but you want to have it golden brown. It’s a delicate balance.

Takata: What will he put on the French toast? Tee hee!
Ohta: I can answer that – he’s going to warm up some maple syrup and give the tasters the option of adding butter as well.

Fukui: Look at the challenger Smed go. He’s stirring the eggs with one hand and the potatoes with the other. His assistants are pulling the muffins out of the oven. The potatoes look done.

Hattori: It looks like he’s got everything done right on time.

Fukui: It certainly does – he’s got eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, French toast and muffins. It’s all coming together nicely for Smed. And that’s it! The cooking’s done! The battle Breakfast is over!

Ohta: You seem relieved it’s over. Did you have a good time?

Smed: Yes, I did! I had to make my batter and my potatoes from scratch, but that’s OK. I had assistants to help me there.

Ohta: Everything turn out OK?

Smed: I think the eggs were fine; I was concerned they were going to be runny.

Ohta: Parmesan cheese?

Smed: Yes, it’s my secret egg weapon.

Fukui: Challenger Smed has three dishes. First: Blueberry muffins. The simple muffin mix is accentuated with the in-season fresh blueberries and some cinnamon sugar crumbles on top of the muffins. The tasters have the option of adding butter.

Second: French toast with sausage links. The bread, coated with an egg mixture, has been browned to perfection, and served with maple syrup and butter. The sausage adds body to the dish, making it a hearty entrée.

Finally: Scrambled eggs with bacon and hash browns. What a way to end the breakfast experience. The addition of parmesan cheese to the eggs makes it a taste sensation. Add to it crisp bacon and golden hash browns and you have a big breakfast treat.

And now, tasting and judgment. On the panel today are Lower House member Shinichiro Kuromoto, actress Mayuko Takata, rap artist Korn, and culinary critic Asako Kishi. First, the dishes of the challenger Smed.

Smed: I tried to give the panelists three looks at an American breakfast from my perspective. I hope they please you…..

“…..Daddy??? Daddy???”

“What Katie?”

“Wake up Daddy! It’s time to make me breatfasss....”

“Sure, what do you want?”

“I want French Toast for breatfasss…”

“Coming right up!”


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