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3:03 p.m. - December 12, 2005
SmedIndy At Your Birthday Party

Well, the house is standing, and there is surprisingly little sugar left in the house.

Of course, that’s all surprising since we hosted a birthday party for our soon-to-be four year old yesterday.

This was the first year we were expanding the attendance base outside of the family. Of course, we had the local extended family over, including three little cousins (well, Niece Nurses’ oldest isn’t so little anymore), and invited six pre-school friends as well.

We asked the pre-school friends to RSVP. Two were affirmative, and one was negative. We had three that did RSVP, and Saturday I did find out of one more person attending. That left two that left no indication if they were attending, or not, and so we had to err on the affirmative side (lest a child be without a goody bag on their way out – which is a sin of the utmost degree in birthday party etiquette).

(Side note: Why is it that people do not respond to RSVP’s, especially for a birthday party? I find this at work even. We invite alums to an event, and they either take forever to RSVP and some just show up without saying yea or nay. Argh!)

However, two of the pre-school friends called to cancel on Sunday, due to pink eye and an ear infection (which was fine by us – no one wants that stuff being spread around). So it was a smaller party.

Katie is of an age where she couldn’t care, really. Her friend Tayla was there and that’s all that mattered.

Of course, the party was slated from 2-4, and the Colts played Jacksonville starting at 1, so I got to impress some of the parents with my magical gift of TiVo, as I was forced to pause the game when the festivities started.

Everyone arrived and played for a little bit, and Liz had the kids make maracas using navy beans and Styrofoam cups. I’m just glad there wasn’t more kids there, otherwise I would still be hearing the glorious cacophony of four-year olds shaking faux maracas in my head.

After that, it was time for cake.

This is the scrump-dilly-ishus cake. It was chocolate cake with whipped icing and it was deee-licious. (Oh, I already said that).

Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping!

This is the moment of truth. Will the candles be blown out?

One cake and ice cream were eaten up, yum, we decided to open presents.
Here’s Katie with some of her booty.

Everyone was thanked for their presents (even those who gave presents in abstentia) and then it was off to try to find out how to kill another hour.

We tried a game of pin the hat on the snowman, but everyone got really close (I think people studied the board and there wasn’t enough spinning around (baby right round like a record baby).

Then there were some spirited games of Simon Says, complete with rules issues and discussions. We definitely needed an impartial judge. I think some of the old Match Game judges aren’t doing anything.

Then there was I Spy and then it soon devolved into a general playdate, which is always, well, challenging in our house.

A couple of kids wound up playing in our shower. Now, this isn’t the first time kids have been playing in our shower which I find a most curious place to play (I just wish we had adult play time in the shower, but alas…)

We also had a potty incident, which included a shove and some tears, but everything was forgiven a short time later. I am amazed that kids that age can forgive someone who shoved them so easily, whilst us adults would no doubt be working in our basement lair plotting a revenge scenario that would be both cruel and unusual.

Then we got to watch the football game, finally. But of course, in showing off my TiVo skills, I accidentally flipped to live TV and we missed about a quarter of the Colts game. I guess you shouldn’t operate that under the influence of two pieces of cake, some lemonade, and three scoops of ice cream.

When Tayla’s mom showed up, Katie said goodbye, but then when Tayla was leaving I told Katie that Tayla was leaving and she said.

“I already said goodbye to her…”

I gave Tayla’s mom this look of “I’m sorry my princess is so rude,” and Tayla’s mom gave me a look like, “par for the course.”

The rest of the night was semi quiet. Pizza was eaten for dinner, baths were drawn, and Katie settled down for a sleep. Until about 11, when she woke up from a dream, or something, and said that she had some fuzz in her mouth.

I think she accidentally bit on her big ol’ teddy bear during a dream. And she was still sugared up enough it took her a while to calm down.

But I’ll give her a pass because it was a big day.

She’s already asking if she’ll have more cake on Wednesday, since it’s her real birthday.

Katie, honey, there’s always time for cake!


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