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9:28 a.m. - March 17, 2006
Help Me Out And Win! Yeah!

And now, a word from Smed, founder and president of SmedCo, the owner’s of Smed’s Corner.


Since I’m going to be gone for a few days next week, today will just be some housekeeping here at Smed’s Corner. Like I said, some special on-the-road drivel will be posted, and some small canned pieces, then your normal Smed’s Corner experience will return next Thursday.

I know you are all quivering in antici……….

Thank you all for you suggestions about my *issue*, they were very helpful in their own ways. I really shouldn’t worry about it, I know, and I really should have a doc take a look at it. But I’m glad no one ran away in fear and loathing that I sweat a bit.

And I’m getting a lot more readers because I joined, through Candoor, something called Blogmad. I do believe you still need an invite to join, as it’s in Beta, so if you want more readers of YOUR drivel, let me know.

But for those of you seeing this through BlogMad, howdy do! Click on the older link and cruise a while.

But today, Smed’s Corner and SmedCo have a very special announcement.

As you know, this site is pretty bare bones. I don’t cotton to no fancy schmancy graphics, because I’m no fancy schmancy guy.

The only thing I’ve done is taken the purple a bit darker and changed the fonts on my header and links on the left side. I haven’t even changed the font of the text, because I haven’t been able to figure it out.

As I stated way back here I have the HTML skills of a gnu. (I still like that phrase – I can picture an over-caffeinated gnu at a computer slamming out code, can’t you?)

And for a while, the simple template was working, but then I started adding some things like:

• My notify list
• My stat-whore diaryring thing
• My little buttons at the bottom
• My counters

So it’s getting kind of cluttered, plus the colors aren’t the best.

So here’s the deal:

I want youuuuuuu….to show me the way…

(Oops! Peter, get back in your hole, please, and take your talk box with you!)


I want YOU to design a new template for Smed’s Corner!

I’m looking for a new design, within my parameters:

• It should be simple and clean
• It should incorporate everything I currently have on my template
• The fonts should be readable, yet attractive
• I’m a guy – so don’t get all foofy on me
• Pictures are OK, but I would rather stick to graphics and text, if possible

Easy enough.

You have some time to get this done, say, until April 15. (The taxman cometh!).

The design that catches my eye and best shows of the essence of Smed (as seen here will win:

• Undying love and affection
• Hero worship
• A link on my front page to your site
• Mix CDs (even if you already have some or are on the list – you get more!)
• And maybe a special surprise or two.

You can’t beat that with a stick, can you??

Can you??

So what do you say, kidlets? Help a brotha out, and make my site zing!


We now return you to Blossom, already in progress.


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