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9:39 a.m. - March 19, 2006
I Am A Dumbass, Goo Goo Goo Joob
Saturday, 10:30 AM – Indianapolis International Airport

Ah, well, the trip went off to a ‘roaring’ start.

If your definition of roaring is hiking about 3 miles total because you were a dumbass.

Last night and this morning, I checked and double checked my bags to make sure I had enough toiletries, clothes and accoutrements for the trip. I even made sure I packed the cell phone charger in my suitcase, lest I forget it. I brought three books for the trip as well.

I’m driving along, singing my songs, through the country side of BFE Indiana, and I head down I-465 toward the airport. As I turn onto the exit toward the parking lot I prefer, I realized that I had forgotten my watch.

Ah, no big whoop. My cell phone has a clock on it, and I can just use that. Besides, time is pretty much all relative at a conference anyway. You move to the next session when one ends, and even the parties and events are fairly well time regulated.

I pull into a parking spot and start making my mental playlist. I go to turn off the iPod and unplug it from the car charger and I realize that I had forgotten to pack the actual charger for the iPod.


Now this means I must be iPod battery frugal on my trip. Rats! Nuts!

So I grab the car charger so that when Rachel picks me up at the airport then I can get some needed juice into the iPod on the drive to the hotel.

Nuts, but at a conference normally I don’t have much time to listen to tunes. It’s just that in the airports I need to make sure I don’t run it out of juice so I have some tunes on the actual airplane.

Well, what else could happen?


I walk to the concourse, which happens to be the farthest one from the parking lot. I check in, check my bag, and head off toward security.

It wasn’t that busy in the airport, so there was little line. I get to the place where you put all your gear in the tubs, and throw in my keys, my iPod, and my…and my….

Crap! Nuts! %$@*! $#@&$^!

No cell phone.

To quote the great John Belushi in Animal House: “HOLY S***!”

What to do?

Fortunately, I had time, since I got to the airport early.

I grabbed all of my gear, and headed back to the car. It was an easier walk, since I just had my laptop bag and book and no the big whoppin’ suitcase I was packing.

I got to the car and found it, in the front seat.


So I snap it up and call Liz, saying that it can’t get any worse, and that I’ve already had three things happen to me so there’s nothing else that could go wrong.

I’m crossing my fingers!

Sunday, 9:28 AM – Marriott Wardman Park Hotel

Well, THAT was a fun day, despite all of the crap.

We arrived in DC early, but the flight wasn’t that great. It was a small jet and they always seem to have the most issues with turbulence. I fortunately was on a row with only one seat, but the girl across the aisle was sick. Not airsick, just sick sick. She kept using the airsick bag, but did it in a very polite manner. Still…ew.

Then, it took forever to get the luggage to us, almost a half an hour, and mine was the last bag there. I thought I’d never get out of the airport alive.

But the trip the hotel was as much fun as you can have in DC traffic. Good thing it was a weekend. I’d loathe this place on a weekday.

I met Rachel and we had lunch. She’s a really fun gal – a great personality and even laughs at my stupid jokes. Heh. I hope I made a good impression on her, too.

Moose and I met and walked to Ruth’s Chris for dinner. He was running late because of Metro issues, but we made it on time and had some nice hunks of meat and a good bottle of wine, then we found a dive for some Guinness (even the dives in DC serve Guinness, how nice).

The place had a unisex bathroom, and I realized that that may be a way to meet someone (not stalkerish – but the meeting where you pass each other and make eye contact and give a little smile to each other). When you’re waiting in line for the john, you have to pass the time somehow. Why not a little idle flirty chitchat?

Oh, well, perhaps not. But then, I don’t need to do that anyway, so don’t be asking dating advice from me.

There was big news from home too. Kristin pulled up for the first time. That is amazing – she’s growing so much. I just wish I was there to see it.

Anyway, after a fair nights sleep (I never sleep well or long in this hotel, for some reason. I take a lot of catnaps), a good read of the paper, and a shower, I’m looking forward to this afternoon, meeting Zon and Vicki today. Who-hoo.

Sorry, this is a bit atypical of my drivel. And tomorrow, you get to hear how I graced Zon and Vicki with my majestic presence. Wait, it’s probably the other way around.



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