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9:30 a.m. - March 10, 2006
The Essence of Smed
I woke up this morning in a fairly decent mood, all things being considered.

If you look outside, you would wonder why. Itís been gray and raining for 3 straight days and in some places of BFE land there are flash flood warnings.

My back is sore from basketball on Wednesday. Going up for a rebound, someone went over my back and I landed a bit funny, and it tightened up. Itís still tight, and I forgot to take my Kroger-brand fake-Aleve this morning. Ouch.

Last night, I was on the phone with a friend, who was having a down day, and I hoped I picked this person up. But to hear someone going through a tough one makes me sad as well, especially when this person deserves to be happy.

Tomorrow, I go shopping for new clothes. I need some new dress pants, a few new shirts and some new shoes. Those who know me know that I donít like shopping. I make it a personal goal to be in and out of a store in record time with my purchases. So as I go to TJ Maxx, Kohlís and Target tomorrow up in Lafayette, if you see a blur of a man zipping through those stores, then itís me. I also may hit an Old Navy as well.

(My shopping land speed record was proven at Old Navy at my last job. There were three female colleagues and I that used to go to lunch all of the time (I was one of the girls Ė tee hee Ė well, I still used the menís room Ė but the stories, my gosh - meeeow) and after the Olive Garden we hit the Old Navy (I told you I was one of the girls!) I bought two polos, two pairs of shorts and a pair of khakis in 5 minutes, tops!)

But shopping is kind of a chore to me, like taking out the trash, except I have to drive a half hour each way, spend time in a MALL (ick, ick, with all the odd looking teenagers and their sullen glances of ennui) and miss some exciting hoops on the TV.

In the morning as well I need to scoop up Katie and Kristin and go to Kroger so Liz can clean the house and babyproof, since we have a crawler now. I think I need battle pay to take those two in a store now, since all Kristin wants to do is crawl all over the place and all Katie wants to do is buy things to make cookies and brownies with.

So itís Kroger with the kids, then a mall. Hari-kari anyone?

And I had made some plans with a friend for Monday, but now looking at my calendar I have to cancel them. Oh, well, another time and place for lunch, no doubt.

I do have a pang of guilt, too. I asked someone why they unbuddied me, and they re-buddied me. I wasnít being a nag, just curious? (I care about who reads this Ė yes Iím writing for myself but also for all of you too (The OCD thing, you knowÖI gotta know right now, today!))

I also need to back up the hard drive at home for photos and music files. Iím way overdue in doing that, and Iíd hate to lose some good stuff.

So why am I in a good mood?


Well, thereís the sheer joy of music in my ears. Iím going to spend the spring and early summer compiling mix CDs for a lot of lovely people around here (the first set gets made tonight, since I have to deliver it in person at my conference in DC) and I wanted to get some really fresh tunes into the mix.

I just counted that there were 15 people on this list so I need to have a lot of fresh tunes for everyone.

So I found there were a lot of songs that I had only played once on my iPod, and the past two weeks Iíve been playing them to see what Iíve buried. Thereís a lot of familiar stuff and stuff I just stuck on there Ė so Iíve got a lot of tunes in my Ďpotentialí mix and Iíve deleted a lot as well.

Iíve also got some books to take on the plane when I fly to DC on Saturday. A couple of them are Ďheavyí tomes, and some are more lightweight, like an exploration of pop music of the 1970s. Itís not a long flight, but I hate waiting in airports, and get restless, so I like to have a choice of reading material.

My best friend and I are making plans for that Saturday night in DC. Heís struggling, though, as it seems that the day after St. Patrickís Day is shy with good music. I have faith in him Ė hell if we just barhop for six hours talking about everything and nothing all at once thatís fine by me.

I also realized that the next Sunday I get to meet up with two of my closest D-land buddies in that area. I donít want to let the cats out of the bag, yet, but suffice to say Iím sure that by Tuesday the 21st there will be three different accounts of ďMy lunch / dinner / drink date with SmedĒ around these here parts. Iíll be a good boy, I swear.

The NCAA tourney is also going to start and that makes me happy as heck, too. Now, for you regular readers, be on the alert that early Monday I will post my snarky first-round predictions for each first round game of the NCAA tourney. Iíve done it for years, just emailed them to a few friends. But now, heh, watch out everyone, because I take no prisoners with this stuff. One year, I predicted Gonzaga to beat Cincy 53,789 to (-14). I really didnít like Cincinnati with Bob Huggins, as you can tell.

The reason I wonít do this immediately on Sunday is that the Sopranos come back on Sunday, and I need to watch that and digest it. I have my priorities.

(Oh, and BTW, come join this bum and me in a big NCAA pool. You know you want to.)

However, the real reason is that I think I found my true essence, in photos.

I woke up this morning and remembered that there were a couple of shots Liz took of me when Kristin was first born (I think two weeks old at the most) and, well, they capture what Iím all about.

Am I right, or am I right?

Thereís nothing like seeing a photo of you that captures YOU, even if itís a bit embarrassing.


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