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10:59 a.m. - March 16, 2006
I Reveal A Personal Issue...Oops!
OK, Iíve got a problem.

ďNo, really? Just one!Ē the collective audience of Smedís Corner exclaims in mock shock and awe, while some smart-asses in the back are giggling uncontrollably.

But this one is kind of embarrassing.

And it may be a bit squicky for some.

No, itís NOT thatÖyeesh. Or that!

I do take showers daily, at least one, and two when I work out playing hoops or travel a lot.

I always use antiperspirant. Always use an undershirt. Iím clean, baby.

And yet, I have underarm sweat that shows.

Yes, ladies and gents, I pit out on a regular basis.

And I donít know why.

Now, it doesnít stink. Liz would definitely tell me, and I have a four-year old, so like I have an automatic truth detector in the hizzy. Believe me; Katieís not afraid to express her opinion about things like that.

I first really noticed it back in 1996, when I was consulting in Denver. I was giving a presentation and all into it, and I noticed afterwards that my shirt was soaked.

At that point, I was wearing tank-top undershirts (well, I am a Hoosier) so I switched to actual t-shirts. It didnít help much.

So I tried changing brands of underarm protection.

It calmed down for a while, but I noticed resurgence after a while.

Now, when I come into work, within 10 minutes I notice a little, and by gum by the middle of the morning, itís pitted out again.

When I take off my clothes and get into my workout gear, my undershirt is, well, soaked right there and I feel weird putting it back on afterwards. However, after lunch it doesnít seem so bad.

Iím self conscious about it, for sure.

I did an experiment at home, on a Saturday. I wore a gray t-shirt just to see if I pitted out after a shower, etc. I didnít.

But when I went to cover a game that night, sure enough, I was all a-sweaty again.

I feel bad about it. Iím going to be at a conference this coming week and one of the women who is our client rep at the software company is a big hugger and always attacks me whenever she sees me (with hugs, mind youÖ) and I feel bad because Iím always pitting out.

I wonder if itís the adrenalin rush of working, meeting people, etc. that does it?

I wonder if itís my medications. I take Monopril and Lipitor, for my blood pressure and my cholesterol, and maybe theyíre affecting it.

I wonder if thereís something screwed up and the doc will say they need to correct an imbalance. The Candidate said she had major sweaty hands and they did surgery and it changed the way foods tasted to her.

That would be a major catastrophe to me. I mean, I love the way pizza, steak and bacon cheeseburgers taste. Ok, maybe not such a major catastrophe if I lose weight because of it.

I need to go to the doctor in April for my annual tongue-lashing (Lay off the Cheetoes, moron!) and I definitely will ask the doc about it.

Again, Iíve tried every brand and permutation (save sprays) of antiperspirant, and yet, theyíre not so much anti.

Oh, well.

This weekend, I get to meet some wonderful people from here. I have lunch with Rachel on Saturday, and Sunday I spend the afternoon with Vicki and Zon. Saturday night I also have dinner with my main man Moose.

Then Sunday night is the big reception at the conference, and I reconnect with all my data geek buddies.

Just so they know - Iím not sweating because Iím a nervous freak-o.

I may be a nervous freak-o, but thatís not why Iím sweating.


BTW Ė Some programming notes, so get out your markers and dry erase boards.

Saturday / Sunday (depending) Iím going to post my travelogue, much like I did for Cedar Rapids and Toledo, but since Iím flying to DC Iím sure it will be oh so thrilling. Relive the ennui with Smed.

Monday Iíll no doubt post of my day with Vicki and Zon. It may be late Sunday night, if I get in from the party early enough. Riiiiight.

Tuesday and Wednesday, unless something major happens, Iím going to have some essays I wrote in advance to post Ė one is about the guest entries I have made and the other are some links I enjoy on the Ďnet.

So there you have it Ė I hope this helps you plan your weekend and early next accordingly, so you know WHEN to avoid my stuff, and not take a chance that there will be actual content here worth reading.


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