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12:02 p.m. - November 27, 2007
Be The Blog, Danny. Just Be The Blog
Thanks to Webmiss and Fortyplus I was given a "Be The Blog" award.

(Insert Caddyshack joke here).

Of course, when family stuff happens (as documented mostly by Liz), it's easy to be the

Liz sent this litany of events yesterday afternoon, as the kids:

Emptied an entire shampoo bottle and an entire conditioner bottle on the bathroom floor while unsupervised for no more than 30 seconds...

Threw a stuffed cat up in the air so that it got caught in the light fixture of Kristin's room causing a fire hazard (which both kids promptly reported to me Thank God especially as the light was turned on).

Colored with a marker down the back of the younger sister and claimed that the younger sister who can't reach that part of her body with a marker did it herself...

Climbed up on a kitchen chair to retrieve a piggy bank from the back of the kitchen counter and opened the bottom of it spilling out all of the choking hazards inside...

Put dinosaur stickers on the cat (thankfully only a couple of stickers)...

Then Kristin put a red marker in her mouth and her tongue turned a bit red.

And then...the girls went into their shampooey / conditionery bathroom and skated on the muck. For that, they got an early bath.

At 3:00 this morning, there was a bad dream, followed by a request for the other parent, then a request for the proper blanket, then the younger sister woke up, and was about 4:15 before I got to sleep.

And then up at 6 for a 6:30 conference call.

That's life now in the Northland. I just hope there's no more shampoo skating rinks in the bathroom.


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