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11:36 a.m. - November 28, 2007
Deep Purple Baby! Heavy!

I thought this summed it up, you know!

Liz and I watched the first part of a two part PBS series on The Mormon Church last night, and after we watch part two I’ll post my thoughts on this (which may surprise some of you all). While I was waiting, I saw the first segment of Classic Albums on VH-1 Classic. The album they spotlighted was Machine Head by Deep Purple.

I only saw the “Highway Star” segment, but WOW! I forgot how much that song kicked butt and took names.

This has to be on some Euro TV show. Dig the halos around the band members. I asked Liz if she could rig it so that happened to me when people saw me.

I think everyone needs to crank that mother up to wake up.

They also played a snippet of this clip, which is not on the album but demonstrated their move to heavier rock after their concerto with the Royal Philharmonic.

Deep Purple is the only exception to the “heavy metal bands don’t use keyboards unless absolutely necessary” rule. There may be other exceptions, but loser bands like Europe need not apply.

Ok, Spinal Tap gets a pass too…

I’m just thankful for my friends, my family, Simon, my DVR, my job, and everyone else that keeps me happy and sane.

Boy, I’m getting mushy lately. I need to post a mix soon. (Coming this weekend…)


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