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10:28 a.m. - November 26, 2007
Loads Of Weekend Fun
At times this weekend our house resembled the Battle of the Somme. Katie and Kristin had both laid down trenches, and at times, toys would be lobbed back and forth into no-man’s land.

Well, that’s what it seemed like at least.

Katie had the entire week off from school, and by the weekend she was itching for a furlough. The problem is that she had acted up so much that she had no privileges left and was stuck inside.

Kristin, of course, is now an independent 2-year old – hear her roar. She can also open doors and create all kinds of mischief. Today her bedroom door, tomorrow she’ll be slinking into the museum underneath the motion detectors stealing the collection of ancient jewelry and artifacts for the evil Dr. Queeze. Bwah-hah-hah! Hey, if I can’t be an evil criminal genius, maybe Kristin could be? I’d just take a little taste off the top, you know.

Of course, Katie may be letting her out of her room after bed time. There’s no telling unless we want to post a sentry by the door. Heck, I could get some reading done, I guess. Halt, who goes there?

So it was quite a busy weekend of parenthood. I really felt like more of a referee than a dad at times. But it felt good. No, not being the referee, but just being Dad. But my goodness, the door slamming, the temper, the raised voices. I guess I’m getting my just rewards for my time of petulant frenzy back in the day.

Saturday, I had lunch with some of the BFE-land refugees up here in the Cities, and also with a high school friend and pledge brother at College who has gone from being an outside linebacker and wrestler in high school, to an ink salesman, to…

…a Buddihst monk…

No, really. He’s a monk!. He did a pilgrimage from New Orleans to Canada. He’s living a life that I can’t comprehend or fathom. Sometimes I would just like one hour of peace and quiet (I know Liz does) and he sometimes spends up to 22 hours a day alone just meditating.


A thought crossed my mind though on a sitcom. A Buddihst monk is hired as the babysitter for two precocious kids. Wackiness ensues! Can you imagine the comedic possibilities?

Can you?

Saturday night, though was capped with a great dinner that Liz and I had. An adult dinner with steak, potatoes (ok, leftover mashed potatoes from thanksgiving, but still…yum…) salad, and good conversation. It was peaceful, relaxed, and adult. It was the tonic we needed.

Then we settled down to watch the Kansas / Missouri game. Liz is not a football fan, and in her time at KU she went to one game. They were undefeated this year going into the Missouri game (11-0) and in her time at KU the Jayhawks were 15-18-1 and then the three years after she graduated they were 5-27-1. So there’s not really a football tradition there.

Of course, with Liz watching, KU went down to defeat. Alas. But she still has fond memories of the Jayhawks basketball team back in the day.

You gotta hang your hat on something.

Preferably, on a high hook, because otherwise Kristin will snatch it.
++++ Oh, and just for your post-turkey hangover: This was the sound of Liz on Sunday during that Katie / Kristin war.


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