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5:21 p.m. - November 19, 2007
Boom! Boom!
Oh, what a day. Yesterday, I felt happy and loved and safe and secure in this new house. Quite the feeling, it was.

The cake had nothing to do with it. Ok, some to do with it. OK, A LOT! It had chocolate chip icing even. Yum!

I also received some great advice, as I ticked off everything I had to do this week to a friend, he said:

“What are you doing today? Concentrate on that. Worry about tomorrow tomorrow.”

If I could only, full time, worry about today only, but not in the business I’m in.

Well, I should consider advice. One proposal that I needed to get done right away was indefinitely postponed. The requirements raised more questions than they could answer. Ah, well, that’s the Guv’ment fer ya.

Another is waiting on a review from a partner. Of course, it could have been completed and I wouldn’t know about it.

A third proposal got the ‘I’ll contact you next week with the answers to your questions’. So someone is skipping outta Dodge for the weekend.

I’ve played phone tag with another potential half-days of work.

I finished notes on one client visit and have another in the hopper, which I may be able to get to earlier thanks to the one proposal going away.

I’ve drafted some notes on another client’s report.

There was miscommunication and a revision didn’t go out until today for a proposal. It should be all good, though.

And then…


Out go the lights!

Yep, zappo. The lights went out. So I have no idea if the revisions to the proposal were done by the partner, or not.

So, I left. I mean, without the computer, what could I do?

It was a dark and stormy office, really. Ok, not stormy. But it was dark. We navigated the halls using our cell phone lights. Well, I used the glow from my iPod. But without power there was no email or voice mail or anything.


So, I went to deposit some checks at the bank, got my dry cleaning, got some soda, and came home.

And then, I found this on YouTube:

Yep, this is the infamous “Hocus Pocus” by Focus that was a Top 10 hit. Is that Natalie Cole introducing them?

Oh, and I need to post this thing as well:

Who said sportscasting was easy work?


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