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7:35 p.m. - November 17, 2007
It's Someone's Birthday At Some Point In Time
It's a good kinda tired, this tired I gots.

Busy morning, but this afternoon was nice and relaxing. We're definitely settling here in the new abode.

OK, it was nice and relaxing whilst you were corralling children whilst your spouse was out getting a well-deserved massage, and then whilst the spouse and the eldest was out getting ingredients for a surprise birthday cake for someone (hmmm...wonder who?)

It'll be baked tonight, and decorated tomorrow.

But I feel at home. This is my home.

And to celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music, I went out and supported the home team.

I bought a hockey jersey for the Minnesota Wild.

Not only do I like the colors, and the design, but the retro laces in the front.

So, soon, I say, soon, these essays will be getting back to normal. Yes, I always say that. But I MEAN it - I really do. Sure, I'm paving the road the great beyond with good intentions, but you know, I'm trying!

Oh, but I am following through. In honor of tomorrow, when someone pretty darn nifty turns 42 (ok, that's me - so nifty is defined on your own terms), I thought I'd start my "post a video of the essay" with this one by the Sugarcubes.

Of course, it really makes no sense, and those who say it does are uber-pretentious Icelandic culture snobs.

You know, by saying it makes no sense, I am giving it a meaning as well - a nonsensical meaning, so I am also guilty of snobbery.


But 42 is going to be a good year. The last part of 41 was divine, so let's keep the ball rolling.

Anyway, here's the tunes:


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