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8:05 p.m. - November 20, 2007
A Damp Kitty

Yep, that's right. They be stealin' my ice cap!

Today was an interesting day. While I was looking for Kristin's Dinosaur book and pondering on whether I preferred the days when things were more analog and not digital (more to come), I heard a meow and then Katie yelling...


Kristin put Simon in the tub.

Poor, wet, kitty.

Kristin is now old enough for some consequences, so she had no book tonight. Katie has no TV tomorrow due to earlier transgressions. But Katie's is par for the course.

Kristin has now become the defiant one. I saw it for the first time in church Sunday, when she stuck out her lips, folded her arms, and stomped her feet. Still, she can be distracted after a while, but she was a rebel with a cause on Sunday.

The cause? Her way. Whatever way that was.

So now, Katie is consoling a damp cat, Kristin is crying herself to sleep (it's sad to hear, but you know, these things happen) and I'm avoiding Hannah Montana and looking for silly internet pics.

And old school music videos...

That's the reason I heart the Jam. Us teens in the States in 1982 never heard of them before, and MTV brought 'em to us. Enjoy!


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