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2:57 p.m. - November 02, 2007
A Perfect Song At The Perfect Time.
It's a crazy day today - a prelude to a crazy weekend. A good kind of crazy, but still crazy. It's not every weekend where you get reunited with your family - get your apartment in order - and then have the big truck come on Monday with your stuff and also technicians in to hook up your phone and DirecTV.

Today is also our monthly training session (and tomorrow is our client review, so it's extra nutty) and then I have to leave soon to run an errand in Chaska, then drop off dry cleaning, etc.

At lunch I had to run to the bank. My head was spinning. I had good info come to me during our training and a lot of client info that needs review soon.

So it was 1-2-3-4-5, senses working overtime.

My iPod was on, and it was running through some new purchases. Then, a song that I had forgotten that I bought this year popped up, and it was the tonic I needed to get through the day.

What was this magic song?

None other than "Baby Blue" by Badfinger.

Written by Pete Ham from the 1971 album "Straight Up". The single hit #14 on the charts. It's pretty much the perfect power pop song. And I needed it at that moment.

Oh, yeah, baby.

Got a lot to do this weekend and Monday with the reunification and the move. Enjoy it, and I'll talk at ya Tuesday.


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