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3:56 p.m. - November 06, 2007
We're HERE!!!
A quick one. I've got things to do.

We're HERE! We're moved in! We slept in our beds last night in the new house! WOOT!

The only hitches in the get along were that we need to have a plug installed for an electric dryer. There is a gas dryer, but we don't have one of those - just electric.

And I don't know about Qwest, since I was given one number, called for internet service, and they gave me a second #. The first number is active, and the second one is not. Plus I have no modem for the net and the one we had is buried somewhere.

Ah, well.

I need to get a haircut and get some groceries and go by the bank, and then come home to spend some quality time.

But I will leave you with this - one of the bestest things in the world is swimming with your daughters at 9 in the morning. Can't beat that with a stick!


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