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12:31 a.m. - March 11, 2006
My Office - Seeing Is Believing
You would think that someone who a licensed therapist diagnosed as having a mild case of OCD would keep an office neater than this, right?

Ah, well, thatís always been my bane.

I demand order in my spreadsheets. It bothers me STILL that my bookcases arenít in order, darn it.

No time.

My CDs need a good alphabetizing too.

No time.

But it bugs me.

Iím the one who on iTunes meticulously seeks out the actual albums that the Ďgreatest hitsí are from, and types those in instead of ďBest ofĒ or ďGreatest HitsĒ. Why? Because I can, thatís why.

So why is my office like that?

I donít know.

I have a lot of stuff, though, as you can see.

Katie loves to come by my office, because she says, ďDaddy has a lot of toys there!Ē Why yes, yes I do.

I also have a lot of pictures hanging about. You canít see them there, but I have a big Monet print on one wall (it doesnít work in our new house, so we put it in my office), as well as some old Wabash paraphernalia that I found about the office, including a scholarship agreement from 1847 (or so).

And, of course, my diploma hangs before me, so Iím reminded of what Iím working for. You can see it just above my monitor. Itís huge Ė itís on sheepskin. Itís written in Latin as well. So for all I know it could say, ď*SmedIndy* escaped within an inch of his life hereĒ and Iíd still be happy about it.

I have I think two big glasses I drink water from, and maybe 4 or 5 coffee cups that I rotate around.

Plus all kinds of other stuff and junk.

But you know what? I know where each pile is, and whatís in it, and what I need to get out of it.

I guess Iíve always operated that way Ė if something is put up then that means I donít need it. And I think I need everything around there.

Even if it is just for bathroom reading Ė I need to get at it toot sweet, so I donít file it.

(Actually, I havenít filed in months Ė anyone want to come help me??)

Anyway, I know the actual content of this is pretty low. Not a good value for your dollar today, Iím afraid.

But you know what?

You get to laugh at my office.

So weíre even.


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