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1:08 p.m. - December 05, 2007
Donuts With Dad!
I pity the teachers at Katie’s school today.


Today was “Donuts With Dad”.

So almost every kid had donuts before school. Yikes!

The events was fun. Katie and I indulged our sweet tooth, and then she proudly showed me her room and her locker and then the rest of the school.

Some of the things that were on display were quite impressive. Kids are doing a lot of interesting, clever things.

Katie’s school is also very different from the school in BFE land, simply because it is quite diverse. It’s the most diverse school in our system, and she fits right into that, of course.

She likes school and has seemed to make fast friends. Of course, she had a three year relationship with some of her old schoolmates, but she seems to have fit right in. That’s great, since I know the move was hard for her. But she loves snow and we got another 4 inches last night, so she’s in snow heaven.

However, the homefront is another matter.

Poor Liz is being referee, umpire, linesman, and bouncer at the same time.

Katie and Kristin are getting on each others nerves with regularity. This is mainly because Kristin is now 2 ˝ with all of the furor, fury and sass that someone of that age can muster, and Katie gets frustrated because her once malleable sister is now fiercely independent.

Kristin has also decided that naps are an option she can do without, so Katie is bereft of one-on-one time. That also contributes to the issues, we think.

So we’re going to realign and change some things to Katie gets some one-on-one time AFTER Kristin goes to bed.

We’ll see if that helps. I sure hope it does. I don’t like Liz being frazzled, and that frazzles me after I get home from the office when all I want to do is sit on the couch, read the paper, watch Pardon The Interruption or an installment of Classic Albums and have the girls pile on me.

Oh, and watch Kristin dance to the tunes she hears. That’s always a bonus!

Speaking of tunes, here’s a snippet from a shy Queen song. On the record, Brian May sings lead, but in concert, well…


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