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11:20 a.m. - December 07, 2007
Just Time For Tunes
Busy times upcoming for me. I’ll be in Chicago starting Saturday night for a conference, and then in the middle of Pennsylvania for a day after that.

We think we have a way to calm down the kidlets a bit by staggering bed times and quiet times. Hopefully that will work. Perhaps. Maybe.

Aside from that I have a billion things to do the next few days, topped only by Liz’s quadrillion things to do. So I’ll leave you with some video goodness.

The first one is a rare gem! It’s Elvis Costello’s first SNL appearance where he stops the song he was supposed to play, and plays “Radio Radio” against the wishes of Lorne Michaels.

“I want to bite the hand that feeds me…” indeed.

Here’s another Elvis Costello rarity. On the American version of his second album this cut was left off, unfortunately. Now, it’s restored, of course, when you buy the CD. But it was left off for being ‘too British’. Like the other songs weren’t??

Man, Hef was a real hep cat, wasn’t he??

The Association made a lot of appearances on the Smothers’ Brothers show. They weren’t just a cutie pop band, as you can see. You know, this is a SERIOUS song:

Oh, Jeff Lynne almost did the Jewfro as well as Neil Schon.

And he’s got the BEST GLASSES EVER here:

I now leave you with something close to my lame Midwestern roots. Everyone sing along:

“Wheel In The Sky Keeps On Turning….” Oh, sorry. Caught me on the chorus.

Have a good one, peeps!


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