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11:44 a.m. - September 19, 2007
I Need A Video Break
I had something really funny planned today, but I’m rather listless right now. I have a big meeting tomorrow and all that so I need to be sharp tomorrow. I’ve got some writing to do for work and I need to get jumpstarted.

So why not just do some You Tubing, OK?

RIP, Joe Zawinul. You will be missed.

The Electric Flag was a group well before its time. I don’t know if it would ever have a time – but darn they were good. Michael Bloomfield and Buddy Miles were on top of their game at Monterrey. And check out the hair on Mr. Miles as he slams the skins.

I can’t wait until The Office starts…

“I’m already 30% more unpredictable”
“That means “Throw Momma from the Tambien”
“Turns out I have grandkids…and kids.”
“Summer’s over! Time to get back to work!”

Oh, Jim Mora, how I miss you!

I also miss The Kids In The Hall…HE’S GAY!

Remember this? Of course you do!

I need to find these shows on DVD:

This is a geographical oddity! Two weeks from everywhere!

HEY! HEY! HEY! Isn’t it funny that Fat Albert had a low, gruff voice, but sings in a nice clear tenor?

And I leave you with this – one of the most inspired pieces on You Tube ever:

You know I feel better now!


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