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3:23 p.m. - September 18, 2007
ENFP - Alpha 7 - And Thee
Iím a complicated man.

My test scores say so!

For the new job, I took the Myers-Briggs and the CPI. And the results show that while most who get to know me understand me, some personality quirks show that I may confuzzle some people some of the time if they catch me in a mood where Iím trending toward the opposite of what my normal personality shows.

Just as I always thought Ė I have a split level head.

Of course, anyone whose iPod can segue between Gordon Lightfoot and Chaka Khan on a momentís notice has issues, right?

And of course, I have to remind myself that these guys didnít invent the Myers-Briggs:

Iím an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs. (Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving). The leadership coach I am working with says that that particular personality type has no problem in finding jobs because EVERYBODY LUUUUUVS US! (No, thatís not the real reason, but it is true that ENFPs donít have much issue finding jobs.)

My Extraversion and Intuition scores were OFF the scale, almost. I prefer the abstract, the conceptual, and I prefer people. I need people. Braaaaaains!

Iím on the borderline between Thinking and Feeling, as I can be logical, questioning, and critical, but I am also more compassionate and tender. Thatís the rub right there. People see this abstract, open person all of a sudden start being all-Spock and no-McCoy, and well, it throws people off.

Also, Iím right on the edge between Perceiving and Judging. I am very systematic and methodical, but I also prefer to be open-ended and spontaneous.

Just want everyone wants, someone who is spontaneously methodical. Woot! Hey everyone, letís design work flow plans for giggles! Itíll be a hoot!

So my overall Myers-Briggs Step II is ENFP (Questioning, Critical, Systematic, Methodical).

So, Iíll devise a conceptual skeleton of a ruthless plan to take over the world, Iíll spring it on everyone suddenly, and everyone will love me for it!


The CPI has a lot more psycho-babble mumbo jumbo (almost an exact quote from my Leadership Coach) but it is useful as well.

Iím an ALPHA 7. 7 out of 7. TOP THAT!

Iím very high up in Externality and Norm Favoring. Which is odd, because I always thought I was a rebel, and while I do have some contrariness I want the trains to run on time.

My Ego Integration (see, a psychobabbilicious word there) is level 7, which is ďan unusually favorable realization of the potentials of his typeĒ. See, Liz, unusually favorable! Heh.

You can expect ďexceptional initiative, self-confidence, constructive ambition, decision-making skills and a talent for leadership.Ē

See, ma? I made it! To the top!

Things can come and go, but no one can take that ALPHA 7 away from me.

(I may have been on a double dose of Zoloft when I took the test, thoughÖ)

Basically, that test was a bit of a warning, because it showed me that I need to watch out that I donít get too hung up on being right, or wanting everyone to like me, or being rigid about certain things or feeling and caring too much for people that I donít know very well.

But all in all, it seems that Iím well suited for this new job. Good. I want to kick ass and take names.

But of course, if Iím such a high achiever, why did I put my boxer shorts on backwards this morning.

No lieÖand why havenít I changed them around yet?


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