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8:15 p.m. - September 07, 2007
Tell Someone...
It’s a weekend.

All I want you to do is to tell someone you love them.

And not the usual suspects.

Someone who is different than you.

Someone who is outside of your comfort zone.

Someone you wouldn’t normally associate with.

We need to love each other in this world, no matter who we love, no matter what God we worship, no matter what country we are from originally. Tell someone you love them.

It will make their day, and make you feel good too.

Too many times in our lives we are hung up on the differences between people. We go looking for the differences between us. We go looking for the ‘worst case scenario’ and then paint everyone with a broad brush.

We go looking inside the lines. We read what we want to read. We hear what we want to hear.

Now, I believe in God and my savior is Jesus Christ. But the Jesus I know would want to have a dialogue with people of all faiths, races, creeds, colors, and sexual orientations. He gave more respect to harlots than the Pharisees. He would not condemn anybody.

I think the only people Jesus hated were hypocrites and intolerant jackanapes. But he’d pray for them. He died for our sins, yet in his name we sin more and more each day. Sigh.

We don’t know who is ultimately right or wrong. We do know that Abraham, David, Jesus, Mohammed and Buddah were real people – living amongst us in the flesh. What you believe of them is your business.

But I leave you with this – if someone in this day and age started going around spouting off ideas in the vein of Jesus or Mohammed, and called themselves the Son of God or the Divine Prophet, about how long would it take for 99.99% of the world to write that person off as a kook, a nut, and a cult leader.

Think about it!

No, I’m not saying that wing-nuts like David Koresh or Sun Myung-Moon were or are right. Besides the true prophet of God wouldn’t need an arsenal of weapons, and would probably own a much better newspaper than the Washington Times.)

PS – I have noticed that I am very conscious about not taking a ‘wide stance’ when I use the men’s room in the office.


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