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6:43 p.m. - September 06, 2007
My Mind Is Scattered As I Await The Colts Game
I am OFFICIALLY ready for some football. Tonight, the Colts play the Saints, and here I am in Minnesota.

Not that Iíd be at the game anyway, but thereíd be some excitement in the air and buzz in the office about the game tonight. Instead, I feel abandoned here in Viking-land, just like any gay Republican Senator. And with the Twins being blah, the Gophersí football team losing to Bowling Green, the Vikings not exciting anyone, and none of the basketball teams worth a hoot, everyone is just waiting for hockey season.

I checked online regarding tickets for the Wild and the Gophersí hockey teams. I had better save my nickels and dimes and hit StubHub or eBay to get some decent seats. The Gophersí hockey team has a 2,800 name season ticket waiting list and it costs $10 just to be placed ON the waiting list.

Well, if Katieís grandkids ever want hockey tickets, Iíd better get on that.

Today we had a home inspection for the potential house up here in the Ďburbs, and it went well except for one hitch. And hopefully that hitch will be easy to negotiate. Unfortunately, itís a hitch that really could cost some dollars to fix or replace. Again, though, itís not a deal breaker. The inspector was quite pleased with the house, really.

Of course he was Ė Liz has great taste!

Today felt weird since I had a podcast project for work, my announcement came out to the world (OK, the Advancement Services world), and I had to leave early due to the inspection. I had lunch with my fellow noob, Nodak, and weíre totally in opposite situations. She immediately parachuted into a role at a local hospital filling an interim staffing need, so she feels out of touch with the office and the practices and procedures.

I would like to get some consultiní goiní on, but alas I must have patience. I have a handle on all of the documents and internal practices and marketing.

There is another noob coming soon in our DC office, and then weíll be a fully staffed lean mean Advancement Services Consulting machine.

Have substandard practices and procedures at your peril!

We have a meeting at 8 tomorrow regarding marketing Ė perhaps that can be our slogan? Avast ye swabs, prepare to be audited!

I do feel like a human as I actually ate a salad tonight with dinner Ė and dinner wasnít out of a box. I marinated some chicken in BBQ sauce and broiled it and had that with a salad and some mashed potatoes (ok, they were in a container, but itís not like itís frozen pizza).

And Iím getting the hang of my surroundings here in Minnesota. But what Iím not getting the hang of is being apart from the family.

Iíve read books last night and tonight and will tomorrow. Saturday I have a busy schedule with a client review session. Iím going to be a big time sponge.

I will know as much about our clients and our processes as I do about the band Sweet. Because itís so funny funny what you do honey honey what you do what you mean to me. And you know honey honey thatís itís so funny funny that you mean all the world to me.
Thatís for Tart, since she may be the only one who remembers that one! Not that Iím revealing her age Ė itís just that she has a good memory for these things. Right?


Well, itís time to watch the Colts. Geaux Colts, beat dem Saints!


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