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6:01 p.m. - August 24, 2007
Urrrrp...There It Is!
Ah, Mongolian BBQ and homemade ice cream.

You canít beat that combo.

Yesterday, my urban exploration went toward St. Paul and the home of a high school friend (another one, yes) who relocated to Minnesota. I met her partner and their cats, and the three of us went out and had vast quantities of meats, noodles, and veggies stir fried in front of our eyes.

Good times.

Better times is that Sarahís partner is a music fiend as well. He was from NYC and heís a bit older (not much) so he got to see a lot of bands that never sniffed the Midwest. But he has said that he has some holes in his collection.

Mix CDs Ė here we come.

I think I may call them tomorrow (Saturday Ė which may be today for you all) and see if they want to go to the State Fair.

The Minnesota State Fair is World Famous for its culinary excesses Ė many many things on a stick. They had food critics come by the fair this year and the walleye-on-a-stick got RAVE reviews.

And since itís FISH, itís got to be healthy, right?


Iím getting a little better at getting around the city, er, cities. I know what roads to avoid during rush hour, and what lane to get in where so I donít get taken down Excelsior when I want to go on Highway 7.

St. Paul is a funky neat little slice of urbanity, at least where I was. There are a lot of colleges around there, plus the U. of Minnesota is on that side of the river (for the most part).

I just wish Liz were here to enjoy the sights of the area. I think sheíd absolutely love the mix of suburban areas with the actual city pretty close by.

I also love the mix of radio stations around. Yes, Iíve pretty well said radio sux, but there are some cool stations here, plus the NPR stations are top notch.

Everyone Iíve met here have been nice and polite, but a bit more reserved than the typical Hoosier. That may be the Lutheran / Norse reserve (too much lutefisk?) instead of the Hoosier boy-howdy.

But what I love around here are the food choices when going out. I mean, the funky diners and cafes and choices are just a dream for me. I mean, I love food from the Heartland, and you have that here, but since itís an urban area you have so many more choices.

Itís the best of both worlds Ė never mind the cholesterol hereís the dinner menu!

Work is going well. My colleagues have a vested interest in how well I am doing and there seems to be a constant flow of work. They are parceling things out to me in dribs and drabs and thatís good.

The downside is that I have weekly conference calls at 6:30 AM.

So if Iím on the west coast, thatís a 4:30 AM conference calls.

That will certainly cut down on any carousing I was going to do. (Yeah, right, at 41 I carouse like Grandpa Simpson on codeine.)

I just hope that the family can join me soon up here. So, you know what to doÖ



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