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11:52 a.m. - June 19, 2007
Ponderous Ponderings

Things Iíve been pondering:

ē I think a rule of thumb should be ďDonít get into slap fights with female athletes who specialize in field throwing events.Ē Just a word of warning. I never did, but I did get into a slap fight with someone from the Kenyon College Womenís Rugby Team back in 1986. Ouch.

ē David Naughton (of Dr. Pepper commercial and ďAmerican Werewolf In LondonĒ fame) released ďMakiní ItĒ, the theme song from his ABC sitcom and it was a big hit. The B-side?? ďStill Makiní ItĒ. Oh, really. You know, he didnít even release an album Ė just that one single. Wowser.

ē Kristin is growing by leaps and bounds. Her vocabulary is impressive for a two-year old (well, at least I think so) but sheís still a bit skinny for her age. So the doctor said to try some stuff like Boost. Well, she HATED it. Next, we tried Carnation Instant Breakfast. She didnít hate it, but carried it around without drinking it. So now, weíre just giving her stuff like whole milk and some desserts like Triple Chocolate Decadent Pudding (or something like that) and the instructions are thatís for KRISTIN ONLY! Drat!

ē It finally rained here. I can cancel my camel order.

ē Thursday and Friday, Iíll be in Baltimore for an interview. I was hoping to dress casually on the plane, but noper, Iíve got a meeting with the president of the college at 5:00 Thursday. Sigh.

ē Then Sunday I fly to Richmond. I hope the drycleaner gets one of my suits done so I can pick it up on Saturday. This boy only has three suits, and Iíll need them for four days of interviews in six days. The Smed World Tour commences.

ē Just checked on the girls eating lunch. Kristin does NOT want her sandwich or carrots. She just ate 2/3 of a cheese stick and drank her milk. Though she did have Kix and milk as well. I think after nap weíll try it again.

ē Iím still working on my iTunes project and with that, the summer mixes. I backtracked a bit on my assigning albums to all of the songs on my iPod, and went and put group compilations if a song wasnít on an album proper. I am up to 15 mixes and working on a 16th and Iíll bore you with them later.

ē Poor Liz is sick. Last night, she wasnít feeling well and then at 10:00 she had a fever. And not for the flavor of new Pringles, nor for me (unfortunately). It was an honest-to-goodness fever with some other side effects. I hope itís not contagious.

ē I know some people are moving to other spaces amongst the diary / blog providersphere, but Iím remaining here. Mainly because I paid for another year, but my template is too cool to move thus far. Thanks to bloglines, though, Iím keeping track of everyone! Check it out!

ē Thus far Iíve had a good late spring. Iíve done a lot of reading. Iíve done some reflection. Iíve had some fun with the kids. Iíve watched baseball. Iíve dorked around with music. What could be better? Oh, yeah, another job. Well, itís not September 1 yet, so donít panic! Iím not.

ē I think Schrodinger killed the cat and just blamed it on the radiation.

ē Off to get my haircut. I donít want to look like a damn smelly hippie on my interviews. I think Iíll wait for that after Iíve been working somewhere a year. Iíll show up after a vacation in a Nehru jacket and sandals with a haircut and a scruffy beard. Whereís my incense?


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