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12:38 p.m. - June 18, 2007
It Was, Indeed, Father's Day
Well, it indeed was a Father’s Day.

Yea, verily, it was good.

This weekend was full of highlights. I got things squared away for my trip to Richmond for my talk with VCU, we officially went to DEF-CON 4 meltdown status but that was short-lived, we went to a pizza party at our pastor’s house (who is leaving) and of course, I did the normal father’s day thing.

What’s the ‘normal father’s day thing’, you ask?

Why, I watched races (I didn’t go to F-1 this year, but I watched every lap and thanked the Lord thy God for air conditioning, amen) and napped on the couch.

What more does a man need, anyway? Well, what more does he need with his clothes on?

Today, the girls and I went to go see Dad and give him his father’s day stuff. I felt bad not getting there yesterday, but you know…nap on the couch!

Besides, Katie had a princess / swim party yesterday for one of the 5,912 Hannahs that she knows birthday party.

Yes, it was a party that had the girls all dress up as princesses and then go swimming after the princess part of the party. Katie and her friend Justice won a water balloon game and the prize was some crayons. I guess there was cake and candy galore, and kids splashing around for 2 ½ hours.

And I didn’t go. You know…nap on the couch!

We did see Dad today, and the girls were all giggly with him and with Mom. Katie made a card and they were just laughing and smiling all the time they were there. That’s a good thing. Mom used to scare Kristin a bit. You know, sometimes older folks that are loud (since Mom doesn’t hear well) can scare the wee ones.

Dad understood about yesterday. You know…nap on the couch! That’s his normal modus operandi anyway.

After that, we trudged to Satan’s Discount Store and I got a FM transmitter for the iPod, which will be useful since I may be on the road a lot going back and forth until we move, when I get a new situation.

That may be tough, you know. I’d be working and then heading home, and I’d want to spend all of the time in the world with Liz and the kids.

So I’d better get those naps in now.


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