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2:00 a.m. - June 06, 2007
Shut Up, Brain!
Darn you overactive brain! Darn you!

Tonight is the first night in a l-o-n-g time that I have had trouble sleeping. OK, I took a nap today, and yes, I may have had one too many sodas, but still, considering the paradigm shifts (without clutches and with a balky gearbox) Iíve made since February, Iím lucky that Iím not an insomniac.

But my mind is spinning, and thatís because I want to be sure that I will make the right choice for the future of me and the Smed family.

Obviously itís way early in the game, and I have some time to make the right decision, but some things are happening.

Iíd like them to happen faster, even, but I canít control things out of my control, and some of my contacts canít either. (Wow, thatís profound.)

Letís back up a bit.

There was an enigmatic (even for me) posting here about irony. Well, believe me when I wrote that thing about the stuff in my desk drawer I had no idea that I was going to actually be clearing it out within a week.

But I did and itís for the best, especially now that I seem to be a bit in demand. At least the news of my free agency is on the vine and Iíve had a few good leads.

Heck, some great leads. And Iím still working it. I donít want to jinx anything, and I need to follow up with some people.

But Iím sleepless because Iím trying to decide whatís best for everyone if I do have a choice to make. Thatís a bit premature, I know, because I havenít been offered anything yet, but I have a good feeling about a couple of things on the horizon.

One of the good things I really feel strongly about, since Iíve had some good phone conversations and emails with the person in charge of the job search. Thereís some rigmarole from the state involved, but Iím patient. They want to get Liz and me there to look over the area when I interview. Itís close to family and friends, so we wouldnít be all lonesome, and itís a nice growing area as well.

There are a couple of other good leads, going north of Indiana, going west a bit, or going down to the southwest and hopefully staying out of the way of crazy cult people. (Oh, thatís right, theyíre goneÖ)

I also have some leads where I wonít have to move and stay in higher ed, or in non-profit.
You see, my area of expertise is young, and people know people. Iíve been around and got my name out there, so I have some cache. I need to follow up on a couple and get some more networking done.

And then thereís a chance to go into the consulting world. I could probably stay here, but be on the road 100+ days a year.

My brain is now wondering what happens if I get two or three offers. Should I stay? Should I uproot everything? Should I join the Ďdark sideí and consult, like Dogbert?

Should I not worry about this at all, yet, since nothing has come to pass?

Iím an optimist and I know everything happens for a reason and there is a plan, but I need to make sure I make the right choices as well.

Deep down, I know to just let things play out and not get wrapped up into things.

OK, so tell that to my brain, so I can get some SLEEP.


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