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10:35 a.m. - June 07, 2007
Just Admit It...
Admit it.

Go ahead. Weíre among friends.

And besides, thatís the first step is admitting it. You know that.

Youíve Googled yourself.

Youíve Googled your screen names too.

Yes, you haveÖ.donít deny it.

I know I have. And the results were expected.

When I Googled my full screen name I got a plethora of postings at message boards, this site, and other things. It was almost a snapshot of Smed.

Smed, of course, also stands for ďsingle minute exchange of diesĒ and Iíve had some hits on this site when people Google that, so just going for that leads to a lot of pages of stuff about lean manufacturing and things like that.

There was a posting on the Urban Dictionary that wasnít quite complimentary but ďSmedleyĒ, which Smed derives from was the bomb, yo.

When I Google my real name, I see that Iím in a death struggle with someone from the University of Arkansas who is a computer security geek. Me, Iím just a well-rounded geek. And I also know that he uses his middle name, while my name is my first name as God intended it.

So whatís the point of this?

Am I that narcissistic today that I feel the need to Google myself and bask in the glory?

Am I that desperate for content that Iím reduced to this cheap ploy?

Or am I too busy making the world a better place?

I think I just got nothiní really. Itís one of those dry periods today. I had a fantastic day yesterday with a lot of movement going on, and I need to do some follow up this afternoon with a few places as well that hopefully will lead to something. I may be taking some airplane trips in the next couple of weeks to go talk to some folks. Hoo-ray!

Tomorrow, thereís gonna be somethiní fun for the entire weekend, I swear. You donít wanna miss it.


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