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10:06 a.m. - May 01, 2007
Too Much Music? Nah...
I heard some disturbing words yesterday.

(OK, not as disturbing, possibly, what I heard this morning as Katie was walking down the back stairs toward breakfast.

“I think my pull-up is leaking.”

See? Anyway, back to the narrative…)

The words came from Liz.

“Did you realize you spent XXX on iTunes and also XXX on Amazon.”


Damn you, one-click buying! Damn you!

Obviously, some changes have to be made, toot sweet, because as much as I love tunes, you can’t live in them or eat them, especially since it’s all digital now. Ones and zeroes don’t fill you up nor keep the rain out.

So what to do…what to do.

Well, it’s obvious that I need to follow a budget on my music purchases. Of course, I have a wish list, but most all of it is stuff that is NOT on iTunes and I’ll just have to be patient about it, I suppose.

But then there’s stuff that comes out that I KNOW is on iTunes, like the new Dinosaur Jr. record. Yes, J. Mascis looks like he’s 50 but I bet he’s still pretty darn loud and rockin’. I know all the alterna-nerds are all agog about Lou Barlow back with the band, but I never was a Sebadoh fan. It sounded like he needed to grow some stones or eat some protein or SOMETHING!

Anyway, there are just a few things that I would like to have, or at least sample, or reach back to the back catalog (that live Neil Young record, some stuff by Cake, Cloud Room, Black Flag, Lync, and Voxtrot), but I have to be judicious.

And live within a music budget, and a book budget. Fortunately, I have a ginormous about of book backlog to deal with, and now that I have a new hard drive for my tunes, I’ve been transferring long deleted songs onto that drive, and then adding them to my library, so it’s like new music.

I’m going through some stuff for eBay as well, like my baseball jersey collection.

And then…

…I may sell ALL of my CDs.

I’ve got some albums too, but I think I’ll just give those to Goodwill (for the deduction).

But yeah, if all of my music is on one portable hard drive (and backed up to another), then, why, except for some box sets where the liners are great, do I need the CDs?

Why indeed?

It’s just something I’m tossing around in my head.

It’s a shame that music costs money. I know, I know, musicians gotta eat, but so do five-year olds with attitudes and sass.

And cute almost two year olds that finally has long enough hair to put into pig-tails. (Awwww…wish my camera was at the ready…)

I don’t really know what the point is here. Shall I try to summarize?

1. Katie thought she had a leaky pull-up.
2. I spend too much money on tunes and books.
3. I need to cut back on that.
4. I may decide to sell my CDs and jerseys on eBay.
5. Kristin is cute in pigtails.
6. I’m a scatterbrained fool…

Oh, that last one? Well, isn’t it obvious? But if it’s not, then this will illuminate:

I couldn’t find my wallet this morning. It wasn’t on the kitchen counter, it wasn’t in my secret hiding spot in my car, it wasn’t on my desk at work, nor was it in my desk drawer.


I called Liz and left a message. While I was leaving the message, which was:

“Hi, Liz! I love you. I can’t find my wallet. Can you look for it at home and bring it to me when you pick Katie up from pre-school? It must be on my nightstand or by the computer. Anyway…”

When I got to that, I looked down, and on the floor under my desk was my wallet.

“…I just found my wallet here at work, so never mind this call. Oh, well, I do love you, so mind that, but…”

Yeesh. She married me. Can you believe that?


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