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7:55 a.m. - April 21, 2007
Saturday Vids!
Happy weekend, ladies and germs! (I know, old bad joke).

Next week is going to be ‘rant week’ at Smed’s Corner, so be be be prepared scouts.

But before then, I thought I’d just post three videos to make everyone happy. Happy I said.

The first one shows scenes from my home state, even though it’s by a funny-haired Brit. Anything positive for Indiana is a good thing. I’ve also been there, and stopped at a convenience store in Fairmont.

What does the song mean, really, and what connection does it have to James Dean? That’s something to ponder this weekend. No need to thank me.

The second video is from the Silversun Pickups for the song “Well Thought Out Twinkles”. I think this is a band that could go somewhere, though I have heard a couple of reports saying they weren’t that great live, but the sound could have had something to do with it.

I could see where sound issues could derail them – there’s a lot going on sonically and if it doesn’t sound right it could be bad news for them. But it’s nice to know about a band from basically the ground floor. And yes Barista, the singer is a boy. See?

The last one is the one that I really wanted to show everyone this weekend, especially since I’m ranting next week.

It’s a song that I think many of you all could cover in bands just because it’s so up and so, well, happy and easy sounding. Or their sons could cover in bands, you know, either ironically, or as a song to contribute to a soundtrack after their first three singles top the charts.

It’s an OLD song, from 1965, by a bunch of Uruguayans that were definitely all about the Beatles, and they do a very credible job in imitating their heroes, as you see. The band is Los Shakers, and this is available on a few compilations running here and there around the world.

You can’t HELP but bounce along to the song – and sing along. And if you want the lyrics, just so you can convince your band, or the karaoke operator, or your teenage son to cover it, well, here they are:

We’ll want you to come
We’ll want you to hear
We’ll want you to dance
Dance, all night long
But when the music start
Don´t stay there like a fool
And break it all,
you listen me, break it all

If you´re getting tired
If you getting sad,
Cannot shake with that
Great fun tonight!
But when the music start
Don´t stay there like a fool
And break it all,
you listen me, break it all

If You´re alone
Or nobody shake with you
Oh, please don´t mind
And shake, oh yeah
Now, we know, you´re fine
Do the shake, do the shake, oh yeah
And break it all,
You listen me: Break It All

Their official website shows they still have some fun with the English language.

And I bet it’d be fun to dance to at a wedding.

So, enjoy these three vids, all of y’all, because Monday, I start a rantin’. Heh.


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