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10:56 a.m. - April 20, 2007
Randomness For A Random iPod Day
As Mr. McFeeley would say, “Busy day! Busy day!”


We’ve been a bit frazzed (ok, Liz more than me) because tonight we’re holding a dessert meeting for the Youth Service Bureau.

They have a grant to give proper children’s car seats to underprivileged families, and of course, like most grants for things that are important, the government’s money doesn’t really cover the need. So there’s a need for additional funds.

This meeting isn’t a fundraiser, per se, but it is building awareness for this need in our community. Besides YSB board members and employees, we invited about 30 or so couples to the event.

Liz found a very nice invitation shaped like a cookie, and put in a little note saying what the event was about.

It didn’t take long for the regrets to start filling our voice mail.

Most of the respondents did have legitimate excuses on why they could not be there. It seems many people had something to do on a Friday night, and that’s understandable.

But then there were the ones that came up with some clever excuses. Liz said “The dog ate my homework” was almost on someone’s lips when they said they couldn’t attend.

Then there are the eight or so couple that have yet to RSVP. Is it just me, or does RSVP not meant “RESPOND” and “don’t say anything if you are (or are not) going to attend”?

I think the people who don’t RSVP will get one less cream puff. That’ll learn ‘em!

A few people will be there though, and that’s OK. We’ll have dessert too, and leftover dessert at that.

Anyone want some cookies?


BTW – Have your car seats checked out by professionals. Here in C’ville the fire station will provide that service, and it’s very helpful. Eye opening for sure, because you want to make sure your kids are safe and comfortable.

Safe first, of course.


Soccer is tomorrow at 10. At noon I have to cover a baseball game.

I’m hoping for a goal, but just my luck she will come close again today. However, she is the biggest kid on her team. I think we have a lot of four year olds this time, and Katie is one of those kids who actually can follow the ball now instead of just staring into space.

But if she plays Justice’s team, I think they’ll just be gossiping in the middle of the field, though.


This morning, I walked into Kristin’s room, and she was in her crib.

All she had on was a diaper and her Easter shoes.

I think Katie was partially to blame, but Kristin is definitely able to put on and take off her clothes now.


I said on my MyBacon blog, but my iPod is on acid today.

Now, of course, I have put a lot more stuff on it recently. I had a bunch of live CDs that I never really put on there, and I rearranged our storage room a bit (giving away ALL of my vinyl) and I have a spot for it.

However, this morning, the iPod has already played selections from:

Scratch Acid
Del Shannon
King Crimson
The Fountains Of Wayne
Rose Hill Drive
Apples In Stereo
Bob Dylan
Social Distortion
Black Sabbath
The Music Man Soundtrack

Random much?


BTW – If you don’t have “Runaway” by Del Shannon, well, yer a loser.

See, I’m no longer a loser, since I just bought it a week ago. Heh.


Here’s an interesting question:

Would you rather work for years in semi-obscurity, making good music that is well respected but never really breaking through to where you don’t have to work your butt off to make a living, or would you like to have a flash in the pan career that makes you popular yet subject to derision to this day?

I guess the question is: Would you rather be Richard Thompson or Andrew Ridgely?


I’m going to mow the lawn today. I’m glad I have a chance to, because after the snow stuck for a bit on Saturday this week has been a bit nutso.

Monday - 61 degrees and sunny after a chilly morning.
Tuesday – High of 74 after being 32 in the morning.
Wednesday – Most of the day it was in the 40s with rain.
Thurdsday – Cloudy and the high was 59 but it felt colder. It was drab and chilly.
Today – Sunny and pushing 70.


This weekend it will be nice and sunny. I think the sandbox will be used! I also think if I get my stuff together, grilling could ensue as well. So if I don’t entertain YOU this weekend, I’m being entertained myself!



You know, you couldn’t name a character “Mr. McFeely” nowadays.

Just sayin’…


I’ll conclude with a couple of videos. One is creepy (yet clever) and one isas much of an acid trip as my iPod random tune selection.

This one may be a bit old, and creepy, but the matching of the movie Silence Of The Lambs to the music is great. It’s called “Lotion” by the Greenskeepers, and yes it’s on iTunes.

If that’s not your speed, this is from the little seen special 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee that also has Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll and the Buddy Miles Express jamming with them at the end. Ok, it gets a bit weird, but hey…


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