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10:13 a.m. - April 18, 2007
Katie Scores!
The busiest couple in the world (C’ville Nominee) ran the gauntlet last night.

It was busy already, with the League of Women Voters Candidates Forum at the same time as the Long Range Planning Committee that I chair. We already had a babysitter secured, so that was no issue.

Then, on Monday, there was a message on the phone from Katie’s soccer coach. The first game would be Tuesday at 6. Less than 24 hours notice, but I think the weather and the rain made the scheduling a bit tougher this year (as it shows that they play on Tuesdays and Saturdays now, instead of just once a week).

So, what to do?

For one, we have to get Katie to soccer.

Second, Liz needs to go to the Forum, since she’s the treasurer of the League AND the treasurer of one of the city council candidates campaigns.

Third, I need to be at the church at 7 to start this meeting on time.

Well, Liz made this statement: “I didn’t become a stay at home Mom to miss my daughter’s soccer games.”

So, she told everyone that she’d be late for the Forum, which was fine. Liz and Katie would go to soccer first. I’d be at home to feed Kristin dinner and make sure the babysitter got there and then I’d go to soccer.

I’d leave soccer early and get to the church. Liz would take Katie home, put Kristin to bed, change and get across town to the Forum. Of course, this being Crawfordsville, it didn’t take that long to get across town.

Katie was excited to play soccer. She had her soccer shorts (thankfully, it warmed up), her soccer socks, and her shin guards. She was ready to go. This year, she’s on the gray team and wears #6.

So the plan worked well. Katie and Liz got to soccer on time (no mean feat in our family), the babysitter showed up on time, Kristin was fed, and I left for soccer.

The first part of soccer is the practice, so I wasn’t missing much. When I got there, I noticed there were a lot more girls playing soccer this year, and a lot more kids from Montessori were playing.

Katie found her pal Justice and during practice they were inseparable. Justice is playing for the purple team, so when that matchup happens we’ll have to make sure they at least TRY to play against each other.

I noticed that Katie’s team, the gray team, had more girls than boys. Liz noticed that Katie was the tallest kid on her team. There were two sets of sisters on the team. One that were twins, and an older and younger girl that were adopted from either China or Korea (I’m guessing China, since the dad was wearing a Yao Ming jersey, but you never know).

They gray team is facing off against the pink team. I wonder what some less-enlightened soccer dads think of dressing their 5-year old son in a pink t-shirt. Hmmm…

So the game starts and I get to watch Katie’s first shift (they play four-on-four in four shifts of 5 to 7 minutes each). This year she is hustling after the ball all of the time, but doesn’t really get a good chance to kick a goal.

I tell her that she’ll score a goal soon and to call me if she does, then I hustle off to church.

I get to the meeting and sure enough, I get a call right when it starts.


And I missed it.


Liz was there, though, and when I got back from the meeting Katie was still awake and told me about it. She kicked it from about 10 feet away – a good boot and it went right through the goal.

Everyone high fived her and she was so happy.

I’m sad that I missed her first goal, but there will be seven more games that I’ll be able to see and hopefully she’ll score a goal in front of my eyes soon.

I was kind of down yesterday. My back was hurting, I had a headache, work wasn’t always the best, and I just felt blah. Hearing that Katie scored a goal was just the elixir I needed.


However, with all that is going on in the world, with the shootings in Virginia Tech, the continued issues over in Iraq, and other sad and tragic news, I think we all need to take a break. And I think Opus had the right idea here:

Peace to you and yours.


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