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9:22 a.m. - April 13, 2007
The Meanie Mix
I have the day off today (yay!) as Liz and Katie go to Indianapolis to see the Jungle Book with the Montessori class. So Kristin and I are spending the morning hanging out and doing this, that and the other thing she likes to do.

But part of the time (the nap time, I suppose) I’m going to be working on a mix for someone. Yes, I know I’ve put a moratorium on mixes, but this is a special case because it’s one of our Diaryland favorites that’s back in Iraq much to her chagrin.

So I’m going to make some CDs for her and her unit to rock out to while they keep from getting their butts shot off keep the world safe for us all.

Of course, I have to give a sneak preview. Here are 25 of the tunes on slated to be on the mixes. Happy happy Friday, everyone.

1. Drinking On The Job – The Rainmakers. I’m so glad I found this CD used. These guys sound just as good now as they did when I was in college…20 YEARS AGO! (Snif…) Good times, though, good times.

2. Then Comes Dudley – The Jesus Lizard. You know, I bet if you blast The Jesus Lizard as loud as you can, those darn insurgents would stop trying to kill each other and they’d be FORCED to come to the bargaining table. Nothing like some bizarre post-punk loud tunes with a lead singer that is a bit deranged to get people to stop killing each other.

3. Different Drum – The Stone Poneys. The world was introduced to the sweet vocals of Linda Rondstadt with this song. It’s definitely a period piece, with a sweet harpsichord line and stately strings underneath giving it a quasi-psychedelic feel. As you probably know, Mike Nesmith wrote this one, proving to the world and Don Kirshner that he wasn’t some goof in a wool hat.

4. The Musical Box – Genesis. Yep, all 10 minutes of it. Good for late night editing and OSPEC, because I know for the fact that the terrorists prefer the poppier version of Genesis, rather than the one with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett that specialized in 10 minute multi-part songs. Oh, and Gabriel plays a mean flute and Collins’ drums are tastefully done on this track, thankfully. But they do look a lot different now, don’t they??

5. Hippy Hotel – Blue Mountain. I mourn this band’s passing to this day. I thought they had some great potential in the alt-country world, but alas it wasn’t meant to be, thanks to a marriage that split up. The neat electric guitar picking on this song really adds a lot to this tune. Far out, man.

6. Army Bound – Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. What? Did you think I’d send something over to Iraq without having an Army song in it? Are you nuts?

7. Indian Giver – 1910 Fruitgum Company. OK, this definitely is a bit dated, and I’m sure not everyone would appreciate the lyrics. It does make me wince a bit much like that Seinfeld episode. However, that’s also the episode where George’s parents find a prophylactic in their bedroom, and their reaction is priceless. Oh, the song. It’s pretty darn good bubblegum and that’s why it’s on here. I wouldn’t skimp on quality, you know.

8. Love On Your Side – The Thompson Twins. Ah, yes. The bass line is fabulous. The synth line is very 80’s. The song itself? Well, the bass line is fabulous.

9. Naughty Naughty – John Parr. Oh oh my my is is this this song song dated dated. You you definitely definitely know know this this is is from from the the 80’s 80’s. He he looked looked like like he he was was 50 50 in in 1985 1985 too too. Yikes yikes!!

10. Tear It Up – The Cramps. From the soundtrack to URGH! A Music War. This features Lux Interior doing his best deranged frontman routine, and great support from the rest of the group. A while back I posted the video on MyBacon. Oh heck, why not:

11. The Pointless Yet Poignant Crisis Of A Co-Ed – Dar Williams. This is such a funny parody, or is it? It’s just freakin’ hilarious whatever it is.

12. Esteem Fiend – Alabama Thunderpussy. Yeah, the name of the band is a bit much, but MY GOD THEY ROCK YOUR FACE OFF! I HAVE TO SHOUT BECAUSE THE SOUND IS JUST SO LOUD AND I’M ROCKING MY FACE OFF! WOOOT! THIS IS HEAVY DUTY, MAN! ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!

13. Chains Of Love – The Dirtbombs. WOW THIS JUST…oh, OK, it’s at a normal volume. Take an old soul song with a legit old school Detroit soul singer (though one that’s from this generation) and add in a loving garage band sound with fuzz guitar, great bass work and organ and you have a recipe for a kick-ass and take names tune.

14. Deteriorata – National Lampoon. Does everyone know Desiderata by Ehrmann? No? Well, peruse it and I bet you know it, or are at least familiar with it. Of course, National Lampoon, at one time a force to be reckoned with in American Humor, created a perfect parody, and it’s recited by the perfect voice. A comedy classic for the ages, this has some of my favorite lines ever.

15. Don’t Renege On Our Love – Richard and Linda Thompson. I heard about the greatness of Shoot Out The Lights and bought it, but at the time I just didn’t get into it for whatever reason. I’ve bought this on iTunes again, and definitely rectified my attitude about it. It’s a tremendous record with heart and passion and Richard Thompson’s fantastic guitar, of course.

16. Steal My Sunshine – Len. Whatever the heck happened to them? Why do I like this song? Why is it such a freakin’ barnacle in my head every time I hear it? Why am I subjecting you to the video? Why, Nancy Kerrigan? Why?

17. Come On Over – The Dave Clark Five. Yes, this is very derivative of “Glad All Over”, but you know why this totally kicks it? The bass is incredibly low and rumbly, especially for 1964, and the bridge is totally rockin’ with Dave Clark bashing his drums as loud as he can and Rick Huxley’s bass is just low and menacing. Cool.

18. Come Again – The Au Pairs. A long forgotten band from England, the Au Pairs took the sound of the Gang of Four and added some sexual politics to it. I know it’s not everyone’s cuppa, but it’s my cuppa and it could be yours. I know I comment on the bass work quite a bit, but I dig me some bass, and Jane Munro was quite an accomplished player.

19. On Call – The Kings Of Leon. This was the first single from their new album, and Designerchica basically convinced me (using her magical powers by showing me tickets that she had to see them live and in person) to give them another try, and I did, and this song is fabulously tremendously kickin’.

20. Le Disko – We Are Pilots. Oh, I’m a sucker for odd electronic sounds as long as the song isn’t all weepy and cloying and pretentious and all. So yeah, when a couple of people sent me this (yes, two of them independently, wow) I dug it tremendously!

21. Manifesto – Roxy Music. You may wonder how Bryan Ferry, the epitome of urbane sophistication, can come out for ‘the man that drives the hammer’. Well, he comes from working class roots. His dad looked after the pit ponies in a coal mine (sounds like a good time, yeah) before he went to (wait for it…) art school. But does this look like the son of a coal miner? (OK, I know it’s a video for “Out Of The Blue” but it’s an excuse to post it – and it’s a rock song with an oboe and a violin solo, for cripes sake!)

22. In The Bush – Musique. Um, yeah, anything went in the 70’s, especially in the disco 70’s. And this was a hit, where they implored you to “Push push” in said shrub. Heh. Phyllis Schafly was not amused, nor was Anita Bryant. Heh.

23. Loli La Letta – Myracle Brah. I just love obscure power pop songs, because when you pass them along the recipient is enthused, and sometimes you have forgotten about their musical goodness yourself until you mix it for someone, and by gosh, a song like this you just HAVE to sing along. HAVE TO!

24. How Do You Spell Love? – The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Unlike 99.75% percent of the population, I had heard of the T-Birds before “Tuff Enuff”. Yes, this song was on MTV for about 10 minutes back in the early 80s, and I was lucky to find this album because Chrysalis was having distribution issues. Ah, well. Anywho, it’s a great piece of blues-rock from the masters. And how do you spell love, anyway? M-O-N-E-Y!

25. The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave – The Butthole Surfers. Well, um, yeah. What he said. Totally. Another one that you can send out to all of the insurgents out there, and they’ll be sure to surrender.

Well, I hope you enjoy this over in the war zone. Just remember to practice OPSEC, ma’am. Or something. Or other.


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