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11:21 a.m. - October 04, 2006
Get Away From Me!
A few weeks ago, I was accepted as a commentator on the great sports side Deadspin, which is a snarky sports site linking blogs and all kinds of other information together that at times is irrelevant and irreverent, but always fun to read.

You definitely get a different perspective on sports on Deadspin. (And no, Iím not pimping them as a quid-pro-quo for being a commentator there. So there. No weapons for hostages, either. I am not a potted plant.) Itís part of the Gawker media empire that has so many great sites.

Deadspin really hit its stride with an unlikely story that is only partially tangentially related to sports (but stillÖit fit there). It was the sad sad story of a guy named Mike Cooper, who was caught, on camera, by an investigative reporter, pleasuring himself in a local library whilst using the internet.

The link has the clip of the original report. You wonít believe it! It starts a bit slow, but thenÖWOW!

Investigative journalists have always served a great purpose in our society. Without them digging up scandals and exposing wrong doing, a lot of evil and ills in the world could still be happening. Can you imagine a world where Upton Sinclair didnít write The Jungle and exposed the meat packing industry, among other things?

But then thereís the seedy side of this business. Now, yes, pleasuring ones self in a public library is wrong, but did it really need an expose? And then loads of follow up reports (which you can find by searching Deadspin, or the TV station, or You Tube, Iím sure).

Sure, what Cooper did is wrong, but címon! Carl Monday, get away from me! Think of the children! He just keeps hammering and hammering and hammering this poor schlub and his family. I, no doubt, would have punched him after a while, and I havenít thrown a punch in years Wow!

That is perfect fodder for one of the greatest television shows in the history of mankind, The Daily Show.

Even though some of the correspondents have gone on to bigger and better things, the show just keeps being what it is and doing what it does best, which is sending up news and politics of all sorts.

A newer member of the correspondent team is Jason Jones, and his bits have been comedic dynamite.

This bit is just outstanding! I fell out of my chair in laughter.

Yes, itís important for journalists to investigate legitimate scandals and frauds, for sure, but címon people, do you have to be so lurid.

Oh, wait, itís local TV news, of course they do. Sex and death, thatís what gets eyes on the tube. Silly me! Now, if one of these serial library masturbators would die in the act - that would be a story!


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