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11:00 a.m. - October 05, 2006
A Dream
We all have dreams, of course, even if we donít remember them.

In fact, Katieís issues a month ago or so were due to her dreams becoming more vivid and lifelike. Thankfully, all of the sleepwalking and other behaviors have stopped, and now sheís staying in her bed at night, thankfully. Well, except when a big thunderboomer comes a calliní at 3 AM.

I do dream. Some of my dreams are memorable. Sometimes I dream of whatís eating at me, like when I got into a heated discussion on an online message board, I dreamt that I was having an actual face to face discussion with this person. This morning, I had a very nice dream about me at age 26 (why 26ÖI have no idea).

Normally, I donít remember that much about my dreams, but I do remember one very vividly. I told Liz about it as well, and I thought I would share it.

To preface it, a friend of ours, who lost a father recently, gave Liz a very nice plaque that we put in our landscaped area in front of our house. It says, ďLeave a path in the garden so the angels can walk through.Ē Itís very touching that our friend would think of Liz during her time, when she also was going through some grieving.

As you also remember, Iíve had some computer issues. Not hardware, nor software, but staying on it too long and too late.

So in this dream, Iím looking through a mail order catalog. Thatís something I normally donít do, at all. Usually they go right into the recycle bin. But for some reason, I decide to browse through this. I see an ad for a computer at a very good price.

I know our computer is getting up there and at times is cranky. I really need to back up the files and all as well. So, on the spur of the moment, I decide to go ahead and order this computer, at a very good price. So I place the order, and then the scene fades.

Itís early in the morning here in BFE land. I wake up and itís still dark (now, it is a bit dark when I wake up, but this was pretty well pitch, so itís in the winter time). I walk outside to get the newspapers. The plaque, which is small, is pictured in my dream as a very large plaque and itís moved to be out in the yard by our big Chinese Elm tree.

The newspapers are lying by the plaque, and so is a package, delivered express mail. Itís the computer!

I drag the box inside and open it. It is the computer. Then I make a spur of the moment decision.

Liz is still sleeping upstairs, so I decide to surprise her. She didnít know I ordered the computer, so I decide that Iím going to give HER the new computer so she can use it for her writing and volunteer work and to help teach the kids when they are home from school, and the other computer will be for my files and stuff.
So when Liz trundles downstairs, I surprise her with the computer. If you know Liz, you know that she isnít always a morning person. It takes her some time to get going in the AM, especially since her janky husband doesnít drink caffeine, so she has to kick start her day without real coffee for the most part.

Liz isnít all that impressed with the computer. Sheís concerned about the cost and the reasoning on why we needed a new computer and why we need two.

But I put my Smed charm on her, and soon, she understands, thanks me, and gives me a kiss. I know we need a new computer desk, but I go about to unpack the computer.

Now this is where it gets a bit odd. The computer is packaged much like accessories for a Barbie. Itís encased in plastic, and the CPU and monitor are definitely covered in stickers and what not suitable for a Barbie-type computer.

Thatís when the dream ended. I woke up, and wondered about it all, and wondered why I would think of buying a computer like that. Even though it was for a very good price, and even though itís more powerful and has more software than our current computer, itís just odd that I would buy one like that, and one that was packaged like that.

Liz was a psych major in school, and she has done dream analysis. At times, I think itís hokum, but she really does believe in it so I keep my objections to it being voodoo to myself most of the time. But I really wanted to get her insight, so I emailed her the details and she provided some good details for me.

Now, Iím just curious about it. I agree with some of Lizís options, but I still wonder. Why now? Why that?

I see big changes in my life coming soon, some exciting and some may be hard for me to face, and I wonder if this is part of it.

Anyway, itís food for thought on a cloudy Thursday.


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