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9:23 a.m. - June 30, 2006
A Walk With The Family
4:25 - Let's take a walk as a family!

4:26 - Liz gets Kristin changed and ready. She puts on socks and shoes. Katie is sent upstairs to put on a t-shirt and shorts instead of her dance outfit that she’s wearing.

4:28 - Katie trundles downstairs, finally, holding the shirt and shorts.

4:29 - Katie finally changes, and Liz re-does her hair.

4:31 - Katie wavers in her choice of footwear.

4:32 - Katie chooses her flip flops, as usual.

4:33 - We go out the back door. Smed has keys to lock up. Liz puts Kristin in the seat of the double stroller.

4:34 - Katie remembers that she forgot to bring Baby Raccoon (her favorite stuff animal du jour). Smed unlocks the back door, and Katie runs up to her room to find Baby Raccoon.

4:36 - Katie finally finds Baby Raccoon. Liz reminds Katie that Baby Raccoon has to ride in the stroller, and she can't carry him. Baby Raccoon is flung into the bottom of the stroller.

4:37 - The walking commences.

4:38 - Katie is told to stop running ahead of us, as it's a busy street.

4:40 - We cross onto Main Street. Katie tells Kristin that you have to look left, right, and left, and hold Daddy’s hand to cross the street.

4:42 - Katie is told to stop running ahead of us.

4:43 - Katie decides its time to pick some dandelions.

4:45 - Liz and Smed have 35 seconds of actual conversation.

4:47 - Katie decides to pick some flowers, but Liz says that they're not her flowers, so she can't pick them. Katie pouts.

4:49 - Katie is told to stop running ahead of us.

4:50 - Kristin decides to let out a shriek of delight. Katie tells her to keep her voice down.

4:52 - Katie climbs onto a small retaining wall and walks along it.

4:53 - Katie realizes that she doesn't want to jump down from the retaining wall, so asks Daddy to carry her down from the ledge.

4:54 - Katie is told to hurry up, as she's back smelling some more flowers.

4:56 - Katie is told to stop running ahead of us.

4:58 - Katie announces that she's going to race us up the hill.

5:00 - Katie decides that she wants to rest under the shade tree.

5:02 - Katie wants one more minute in the shade.

5:03 - Katie says she likes shade better than the sun. Smed worries that Katie will turn Goth at age 5.

5:05 - We get to the top of the hill and cross the street.

5:07 - Katie is told to stop running ahead of us.

5:08 - Katie rests again under the shade tree.

5:09 - Liz and Smed have 45 seconds of conversation, interrupted by another shriek from Kristin.

5:10 - Katie decides she wants to ride.

5:11 - Katie decides she’s had enough riding.

5:12 - Katie is told to stop running ahead of us.

5:14 - Katie decides she wants to ride. Liz says that she has to ride the rest of the way and Katie agrees.

5:15 - Smed takes over pushing the double stroller, with Katie and Kristin and Baby Raccoon in tow.

5:17 - Smed realizes how HEAVY that double stroller is with two kids, and notices that Liz’s guns are getting bigger and bigger.

5:19 - Kristin shouts in glee, Katie responds in kind.

5:21 - Liz and Smed actually converse for a minute.

5:23 - We get to the new patch of sidewalk. Katie wants to get out to run and skip over the new sidewalk, because she hasn’t done it before. Liz reminds Katie that she did on Tuesday and did when it was first opened.

5:24 - Katie responds with the "no, I haven’t, because when we went to the library, I rode." She is playing the "I didn’t do it the last time so I never did it" card.

5:25 - Smed is already 2/3 of the way along the new sidewalk, and tells Katie that she can walk across it the next time. Katie pouts.

5:28 - We cross Main Street, heading home. Katie asks Daddy to go faster.

5:29 - Smed realizes that if he goes faster, he’d collapse.

5:33 - We pull into the driveway, and stop the stroller. Kristin is unbuckled, and then Katie is unbuckled and runs up to the door.

5:34 - Liz tells Katie not to forget Baby Raccoon.

5:37 - We all go inside. Smed asks where Baby Raccoon is.

5:39 - Baby Raccoon is finally rescued from the bottom of the stroller.


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