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10:23 a.m. - June 22, 2006
Iíve been really lucky.

Yes, I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful house and beautiful children and now a job I love.

So thatís lucky.

But Iím also 40! Yes, she just turned 40 but Iíve been there since November.

While I am not Mr. Athlete (though I love sports), I do try to make sure I have some physical activity going on each week. Though everyone around here who has met me knows I have a little junk in my trunk.

I play hoops (or try to) twice a week at lunchtime.

I play softball with the boys. Yeah, I know. Itís slow pitch softball. And Iím the pitcher. But I actually had to RUN the bases a lot last night in our 16-3 win. (Weíre 3-4 on the season, but in each of our losses we didnít have our full team there).

I am NOW going to try to take more walks with the family Ė especially when the weather is cooler. Right now, Indiana is going through a phase of ďletís just try to melt every solid into one undistinguished lumpĒ phase with its weather, and that usually means that big time thunderboomers are coming.

It takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to mow the lawn, and I donít have a rider, and the mower is not self propelled, so I do have to exert myself when I cut the grass.

I have a lot of my friends, at my age, or younger, that have some maladies. A few people keep turning ankles, and I know of one or two that may need to have some minor shoulder surgery. Of course, I probably also need shoulder surgery, since from the age of 25 my shoulder has gone ďgrindy grindy grindyĒ most of the time when I really try to zing the ball somewhere. And since my arm wasnít the best to begin with, my Ďzingí is now rather much a Ďmehí. But the doctor I had back in Indianapolis told me to Ďstop playing softballí. OK, sure. Right.

And a few years back I had a sore knee, and he said I probably dislodged some cartilage, and again the solution was not surgery, or even a scope, but to ďstop playing softballĒ.

Well, crap, what am I supposed to do? That was when I was in three softball leagues and that was my only recreation (it was pre-Wabash, so I didnít have the lunchtime hoops).

Right before Katie was born, I had a strained back muscle. That pain was intense. I got some good muscle relaxers and super-duper-extra-mega strength Tylenol-like substance that I took for a few days.

But Iíve never had major issues with my body.

Now, though, Iím worried.

I played hoops yesterday like normal, and I ran and sweated. It wasnít my best performance, even though I hit a couple of good shots, because I threw the ball away on game point twice during the day.

I went home and played with the kids. I carried Kristin around a bit when she wasnít being a squirmy worm, and Katie and I boogied a little bit when Liz was making meatloaf. Yum! Iíll save you some next time.

I went up and down the stairs a few times getting ready for my softball game, putting the kids to bed, going on the internet for my allotted time (only 30 minutes yesterday, not counting a 3 minute look at the weather right before I left for the game).

Then I played the game. We won 16-3, though my pitching was a bit shaky. I had a few control problems early on, but then found a groove. We also had new umps, and I donít think theyíve seen me pitch before and werenít quite getting me the calls I was used to. Yeah, Iím a spoiled prima donna pitcher. Heh.

So I get home, and as Iím walking into the house, I feel a stabbing pain in my knee.

A couple of weeks ago, whilst watching the Stanley Cup, somehow I sat wrong and had some pain in my inner thigh area, but that went away quickly.

But now, I hade this sharp pain in my knee. OK, no worries, I thought. Iíll shower up and then get ready for bed. This should work itself out.

Well, I showered up, and got all clean, and it was still a struggle to get downstairs. Sigh.

Liz and I watched an episode of ďThe OfficeĒ and I went upstairs to bed. I was still a limping.

Last night, it was a bit hot and humid in our bedroom, even with our window air conditioner, and my knee was twinging a bit, but I thought it would be better when I woke up this morning.


I limped up and down the stairs a couple of times, and I climbed the stairs up to my office here at work, and my knee still feels twingy and weak. And thereís a sharp pain right under my kneecap.

So I havenít been downstairs to check the mail, yet. And I wonder if I really dinged it up this time.

The incredible suckitiude of this is that I need to mow the lawn today, and I play another game tomorrow. Plus thereís carrying Kristin around, dancing with Katie and all kinds of cool things you do with the kids.

I DO have a doctorís appointment on Monday, and thatís going to be a full one. I will need to have my BP and Cholesterol checked and meds adjusted, perhaps, some OCD meds, perhaps, and now my knee. All this and I have no idea, since itís my big 4-0 appointment, if I am going to have to have the prostate cancer exam. (Oh, please NO!)

The doc is definitely going to earn his co-pay.

So tomorrow itís clean up day in the office and Iím getting a new computer as well. I had hoped to set a good example, put shorts on and really work at getting this office in ship shape, and then actually doing some filing. (What a concept Ė the last time I filed my paper files was April 2005. No, Iím not kidding. I have most everything electronically, but stillÖ)

Now I hope Iím going to be able to help.

Anyway, I know Iím still lucky. Iím 40; I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, OCD and now a knee thatís hurting. But it really could be a lot worse. And I know that.

So I will try not to wallow in this squalor for long. Iíve had enough of that recently!


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