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9:09 a.m. - June 23, 2006
Primitive Drawings Found In Ancient Home
BFE (AP) – In a stunning discovery, archeologists have discovered some early 21st century cave drawings along the wall of an old home in this primitive area of the country formerly known as the United States.

The drawings are much cruder than some have expected, and this casts some doubt on the theory that this era had some modicum of civilization and critical thinking.

“As you can see, the drawings are crude, and almost childlike, perhaps even infant like would be a better term,” said lead archeologist Luzinda Mayrose from the University of Wooloomaloo. “We had thought that this

The team was examining the remains of an old house, the only structure still standing. Advanced dating techniques put some of the house dating from 489 years before the New Beginning, which would put it in the era then known as the year 1872.

However, these drawings were done in 355 years ago, or so, based on the dating techniques.

“I had hoped that this civilization had produced more art and technology than this,” said Mayrose. “In other areas we found some signs of technology, albeit primitive. If this locale had things like propulsion units, instant food preparation devices, or instant communication platforms, they weren’t in this house as far as we could see.”

Mayrose does say that the objects could have been moved to a different location.

“This area was almost rural. There were only 15,000 people living in what they called a ‘town’, whereas now there could easily be 275,000 people living in the same space, with our advanced ways of rest and purification,” said Mayrose.

In finding these drawings, Mayrose and other scientists will take a long look at truly how civilized this time frame in the history of the planet actually was.

“There was a lot of strife and discord that caused people to take sides and wage verbal war against each other, that we know,” said Mayrose. “We didn’t think that that primitive way of expressing and resolving conflict leaked into their art. We’re just going to have to study this era very carefully, in order to understand what was really happening.

“These drawings just shed a lot more light on this time than other things we’ve found.”

The drawings will be carefully extracted and preserved, and perhaps one day will be on display in the Central Museum of the Planet.


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