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6:11 p.m. - April 16, 2008
Um. I Need A Shower...
This song just passed through my iPod. It's by Bow Wow Wow and called "Louis Quatorze"

If you recall, the lead singer of Bow Wow Wow was Annabella Lwin, a very fetching and comely young lass. She was the daughter of Burmese immigrants in the UK and had an exotic and buxom look.

Of course, you also recall when she recorded this song she was JAILBAIT! I mean, 14/15 max. No, really. Calling Chris Hansen...

For some album covers she also posed (discreetly) in the all together.

So, I give you these lyrics as the reason that I'm going to go to the shower in the Comfort Inn I'm staying at and take about 219 showers in a row:

When he comes bursting thru that door, mama leaps and hits the floor
Calling himself Louis Quatorze, he's so young and dangerous

Oh I love it when he says so seriously
With his gun in my back
"Honey, close your eyes and think of England"
Just one second

It's his genuine act, as a matter of fact
Louis was horrible to me
He tears down my defenses
he pretends that I'm against him

Louis, Louis, Louis did love me
Louis Quatorze made love to me
Come back again, don't tell me when Louis Quatorze, always surprise me

Fourteen's how I'll ever be
I don't know how long it lasts
But one thing's for sure
Louis Quatorze must hurry to love me

And more and more and more and more Louis Quatorze loves me some more
He loves me just 'cos he's so ware Louis's gonna shoot me
Louis, Louis's locking my door
Louis's serious, I'm delirious
No plays, he just doesn't care
Louis Quatorze starts to undress me

With his gun in my back
I start to undress
You just don't mess with Louis Quatorze
He's my partner in this crime of happiness
'cos I'm just fourteen

Oh I love it when he says so seriously
With his gun in my back,
"Honey, make love to me"

chorus repeats 2x

Louis Quatorze, I love you


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