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5:37 p.m. - March 29, 2008
The Music Is Around Me...
It was time for death and taxes today. Well, Liz still feels like death, thanks to a spring cold. And she was doing the taxes.

So because of that, I was told to take the girls out of the house. Amscray. Vamoose, you varmints! (Is Yosemite Sam in the house?)

And I do what I’m told, so I took Katie and Kristin to a park with a big playground. Of course, since the snow JUST melted for the most part, a lot of the grass was a muddy mess.

Yep, we all got a muddy mess, because little girls LOVE mud puddles.

I had the iPod on, and was listening to tunes out in the sunshine and wind. But really, the songs all passed through my head without much of an impression.

The music was outside of my headphones. It was the sound of laughter, the sound of mud splashing everywhere, the sound of pitter pats through the puddles.

Many times I have my music in my ears, but in reality, I need to listen to the music around me.

So now I have some laundry to do thanks to the puddles of mud, and I need to be nice to Liz since she slogged through all of our taxes (which was ultra complicated due to the financial footwork to get into this house here in Minnesota).

But with the way she’s feeling, perhaps some Puffs with a cough drop on them would be sufficient.

Oh, and thank you. And thank God for the music in my life, especially the laughter when the tickle monsters attack.

Run away, they’ll get you too!


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