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11:13 a.m. - March 26, 2008
Well, I Found This Interesting...

Some of you will recognize this band:

For those of you who don't, it's Sonic Youth.

They're the 'old guard' alternative band, formed in the ashes of the NYC punk / no wave scene back in the late 70's. The core membership has stayed the same since its inception, and the drummer has been on board since the mid 1980s. At one point, actor Richard Edson was the skin slammer, just for some trivia.

Sonic Youth is not an outlandish band, really. The tall guitarist, Thurston Moore, is as gentle and soft spoken as they come. Lee Ranaldo looks like a total mad scientist, and plays his guitar like one.

Bassist Kim Gordon is the original riot grrrrl, and has always had a certain sex appeal. But she and Moore have been a couple from the beginning, so there's always been a 'look, don't touch' vibe with her.

Then there's the drummer. He's the chap on the left, and his name is Steve Shelley. He used to wear these large round glasses, but as you can see he looks like a very quiet, unassuming guy. Not a deranged drummer by any means.

Well, before joining Sonic Youth, he was in a band in Wisconsin. It was rather an infamous punk band in the 80's. Shelley was an early member and drummed on their first album before joining Sonic Youth.

This band's name?? The Crucifucks.

Yep, that quiet, unassuming looking guy drummed for a band with THAT name.

Oh, and their first record had some interesting song titles, too. Mind you, this was recorded in 1984 and released in 1985, so this was during the Reagan era:

"Democracy Spawns Bad Taste"
"Go Bankrupt and Die"
"Marching for Trash"
"Legal Genocide"
"Cops for Fertilizer"
"Hinkley Had a Vision"
"Official Terrorism"

So it just goes to show...well, something. Hey, I found it interesting, ya know.

And why did this pop into my head? Well, I had to drive 2+ hours to Aitkin, Minnesota, and the drive was nice and scenic, but it afforded me some time with my head.

And that's dangerous, you know...


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