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8:47 a.m. - March 17, 2008
Early Morning Musical Musings
Well, it has been a weekend, let me tell you. All of it good, some of it necessary but good, but all of it good.

I think it was launched when my iPod had ‘brain freeze’ on the flight back from my week long marketing and conference trip Friday. I got to be alone with my thoughts and feelings (and my book), and it propelled me into a good place. A place I needed to be.

Well, a place that I assume is good.

And now, the dance happens again. Tonight (if the snow storm doesn’t hit until later tonight) I fly to Ohio, have a meeting, then drive 3 hours and have two more days of meetings, and then fly back Thursday night.

Looking at my April calendar, this is going to happen more and more. Which is good for business, and the family, but not so good for relaxing family time. Oh, wait, I have a 6 year old and a 2 ½ year old, scratch ‘relaxing’.

(Yes, I was ‘on duty’ when a pigtail was snipped. I think I need to grow that third eye in the back of my head that Liz has…)

But the reality of being a ‘land baron’ with two houses is starting to take its toll. That’s right, ‘land barons’ don’t have two mortgages. My music purchases will now start to dwindle down. Fortunately, I have a ginormous amount of songs on the iPod.

The sad thing is that I’m reading a great series on the Onion AV Club called “Popless” where a music critic is taking 10 months off, playing his CD collection, and winnowing it down to an iPod’s worth of tunes. Of course, he’s describing tunes that I am discovering as he’s describing, and well, I’m filling my iPod with it. But 99 cents a pop adds up.

Of course, he’s describing tunes that I am discovering, and well, I’m filling my iPod with it. But 99 cents a pop adds up. I’ve already given up going to Caribou or Starbucks in the morning and dealing with coffee that I make at home, (I know…I know…) and I’ve got an entire bookshelf of books to read on plane rides, so I don’t need any more books. I make such sacrifices. Oh, me.

However, with plenty of music already in the iPod, I’ll still be ‘entertained’. There are springtime 8-packs to make, the Top 200 to relive, and random tunes that fill my head on the plane rides.

And I know music is da bomb diggity; the proof happened Saturday. I was searching You Tube for the Gary Numan cut that I posted, and Kristin wandered into the home office. She heard that, and started to dance all around the room.

That, my friends, is worth it.

So, with my mad cap schedule upcoming, I may not check in with another installment of the Top 200, or disc one of the springtime 8 pack until later in the week. (The first 8-pack will be delivered to Designerchica this week, hopefully. Hopefully.)

This is the life I have chosen. Airplanes, meetings, and writing proposals at 9 PM in your hotel room in a random Comfort Inn somewhere in the USA.

But the tunes, they always be there. And the best music is the laugh of the little girls back home.


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