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9:22 a.m. - March 04, 2008
Are Old Tunes Relevant? Yep.
I'm making a very large mix extravaganza right now, and it's very Smed like. It covers a lot of ground.

And by a lot of ground, I mean a lot of ground. Some tunes were recorded before I was born (oh, my!) Some tunes are definitely HEAVY! (oh, my ears!) Some are light, and some are new. Some are silly, and some are serious.

But I like them all, in various and sundry ways. They dazzle the ears in many many ways.

But here's the deal...

As I was waiting at a stoplight today, I was air drumming (sorry, Lu) to a song. It was an older song, recorded in the early 70's and not that well known today except if you have satellite radio or enjoy digging around the back catalog of one-hit wonders.

(It was an FM radio staple back then, when FM was the 'underground' and DJs programmed a lot of it themselves. How about that?)

A thought hit me as I was drumming. Is THIS song relevant? Will my mix buddies who get this relate to a song that was recorded 10 years before they were born?

Well, you know, I pondered that.

Think, think, think. Think, think, think.

You know what I thought?

All tunes are relevant. Since music is timeless, and the influences layer themselves like substrata, then any song is relevant in this day and age.

Besides, if someone thinks it's jive, there's the fast forward button.

So, all I am saying, is give 'em all a chance.

But I know my mix buddies - they will anyway.


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