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12:37 p.m. - February 11, 2008
Smed's Top 200 #159-148: A Cantaloupe Girlfriend Knows What's Going On
After a quick trip to DC and then coming back to the tundra, I think it’s time for more of Smed’s Top 200.

I recently finished up mixing something for the CDP mix tape trade thing, so look for an entry on that on Wednesday. In fact, some of the Top 200 were in that mix, so if I did the Top 200 NOW I’d be different. But this Top 200 is most plays as of 12/31/07, so you know, gotta follow dem rules.

Where were we? Oh, yeah, #159.

159. Ain’t No Easy Way – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I saw this band on Letterman back when I had time to watch Letterman, and I was knocked out by this song. Well, by gosh, here’s the performance I saw! God, I love You Tube. Can I marry You Tube? Nah, Liz wouldn’t like that. Heh.

This song is just good old bluesy rock and roll. I have a soft spot in my heart and ears for slide guitar work, and a soft spot for cool band names. I’ve recently dug more into their back catalog and I am diggin’ em.

158. With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend – The Three O’Clock. What, pray chance, IS a cantaloupe girlfriend? Liz has a theorem that it’s talking about her tracts of land, as it were. But I dunno about that. What I DO know is that I love this song and I will keep mixing it until I cannot mix it any more!

157. I Know There’s Something Going On – Frida. You know, back in junior high, it was an ABBA world and we were living in it. And then, when Frida went solo and had Phil Collins drum all over this one, she looked to be unstoppable. But yet, she was. However, come back with me to my high school daze, and enjoy some prime MTV viewing!

156. Shutterbug – Veruca Salt. Backlash can be rough. They were the IT band for a while, and then they were sell-out poser wanna-be’s. I saw this song performed by them on SNL, but didn’t buy the record. I probably should have. They always were spotty on record, but their highlights are definitely high. Plus, I dig chicks who can make loud racket.

155. The Noise Of Carpet – Stereolab. A long, long time ago, MTV 2 (when THEY played videos) went A-Z on every video that played on MTV, MTV 2 and VH-1. So I happened by it when this video came on the tube, and within ½ hour I was trying to purchase this album. Now, Stereolab isn’t always my cuppa joe, but this one was well worth the full price of the record.
154. Hit Liquor – Shudder To Think. “Dude, have you heard Shudder To Think. They rock, but they’re kinda…off…a bit.” So said Moose (I paraphrase) and of course, I bought Pony Express Record sight unseen. Well, judge for yourself! If only I could sing with an operatic trill in my voice and couple it with lyrics that seem very freshman year poetry-for-art-geeks-and-goths. But you know, it rocks, still, even if you need about two weeks to figure out what it all means.

153. You Should Be High Love – Billy Squier. Yes, Billy Squier. This was from The Tale Of The Tape which sold about 109 copies. Thus far, any video of this song has proven elusive, but I remember a clip from an MTV concert. As far as the song, it sounds like the early Billy Squier songs you know, but you’re not sick of this one, yet.

152. Down Rodeo – Rage Against The Machine. I still don’t get why Audioslave was so disappointing, when Rage just kicked it. I don’t get it. But perhaps they’re going to record a new record and we’ll all be happy again. I found this tasty clip from 1996. Crank it UP!

151. My Wicked Wicked Ways – Blue Mountain. They were a little known alt-country band that made some great records. This song, though, changes the sound a little bit and gives off an eerie vibe that would have been perfect for a Sopranos’ episode.

While trying to find video evidence of this song, I ran across this from the DPRK. Wow. Gotta love propaganda. Tobey Keith, eat your heart out. This is HOW you do it!

150. Revolver – The Donnas. Yeah, I think the Donnas have rather much ground to a halt. Their last album seemed like recycled bits and pieces from other Donnas records. Gold Medal, though, tried to move the band forward, and songs like this were a great effort. As you can see, I liked it enough to mix it quite a bit. And I think you can get it via ringtone or something. At least you can hear a snippet!

149. Don’t Marry Her – The Beautiful South. Now, this was a hit, I think, in the UK, but of course the radio couldn’t play the real song. They made a regular video for the song but then I found a Harry Potter video for it with the original lyrics. Now, that’s twisted!

148. Bringin’ On The Heartbreak – Def Leppard. Can someone tell me why almost all of the Def Leppard songs are gone from iTunes? At least they were as of this weekend. This one, though, is nestled snugly in my iPod. Boy, they looked young then. Everyone sing along...

Well, that’s another good stretch of Smed’s Top 200. Coming up next, a runaway, some Euros, and some songs you know by heart, and some songs you don’t.


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