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1:52 p.m. - February 05, 2008
Hannah Montana - The 3D Movie Experience
Sorry I haven't posted about the Hannah Montana movie - my ears are still ringing from the screaming!

Yes, screaming! What, you'd show this movie to a bunch of tweens and not expect screaming?

Katie just LOVED it! She sang, she danced, she wanted to go to an actual Hannah Montana concert THIS SECOND!

Kristin loved it too - but it may have been a bit too much for her. But she was the keeper of the popcorn for much of the movie, much to Katie's chagrin.

The 3-D effects were cool. The glasses didn't look dorky and weren't hard to on the eyes.

Hannah's / Miley's band was TIGHT! They had a good sound and the drummer is excellent. Almost every song has the same tempo but he changed it up so the beats didn't sound so similar.

I think I liked the songs by Hannah more than the Miley Cyrus songs, but I think it's very neat that she's writing her own songs. Hopefully she'll keep that up and have a career like Debbie Gibson where she actually keeps her dignity and doesn't become a train wreck.

The show has actually grown on me a bit as well.

So, in short, it's well worth the $15 a ticket to go see this, especially if it keeps the screaming down in your house!

Which is always of paramount importance!


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