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12:21 p.m. - February 02, 2008
Smed's Top 200 - #168 to #160. And All With Vids. Rejoice!
Hopefully, Iím better. I should be. I mean, I think I am. At least Iím not tired 24/7. More 18/6, or something. Anyway, itís time for more fun with the tuneage. So letís go to the Top 200, shall we. I found vids for all of these, by luck or fate or chance. So I guess Iím not the only one who digs on these songs, and mixes them!

168. Libertine - Utopia Ė What a song! Utopia was Todd Rundgrenís band that he formed in the 70ís because, you know, he didnít have anything else to do but record solo albums all by his lonesome. They lasted a good while and had some great moments. In 1982, they had, I think, their best chance and kicked off an album with this song. Man, itís great. Rundgren doesnít sing lead, but you know itís him!

167. Terms Of Psychic Warfare Ė Husker Du. A Grant Hart classic full of bile and hate, this was a key track for the Du in their 80ís peak period. I have two clips, believe it or not! The first one is from my old stomping grounds at the Patio in Indy. Man, Bob was chunky! The second is live in London and the vocals are a bit muddled, but you can still feel the power! Man, Grant was NOT happy!

166. Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt Ė We Are Scientists. Shock and awe! Something contemporary! Yeah, I mixed this a lot last year or maybe it was 2006. Anyway, whenever it was, I really loved the riff and how it moved. Maybe itís overexposed now, but I donít care. Run! BEAR!

165. I Saw The Light Ė Todd Rundgren. Yeah, I like Rundgren! So there! But what Iím surprised is that I couldnít find any video from this song back in the 70ís. I guess Todd didnít do the talk show circuit. So hereís one from 2007 shot by a fan, but you know the song, so dig it anyway.

164. Party Girl Ė Elvis Costello. I could pick a billion Costello tunes, well, because heís recorded about a billion. This one I went back to because of the feeling and mood. It was an underrated part of Armed Forces and as you can tell, he still whips it out in concert!.

163. The Big Foist Ė The Minutemen. I just watched the Minutemenís documentary while I was sick, and itís just a dang shame that we lost D. Boon so early. They MEANT something, you know. Hereís a live clip from 1985 and this song is #2 in the queue.

162. The American Ruse Ė MC5. Ah, some anarchy from Detroit. From their Back In The USA record, which is the one I prefer, they were definite punk forebearers. The system couldnít deal with them, though! I canít believe I found a video of this. The sad thing is that a few years ago, before GWB lost all of his popular support, this was on the verge of being true again.

161. Whiskey Train Ė Procol Harum. For those of you who thought Procol Harum was just a bunch of serious wanna beís, they knew how to rock too. Moose turned me on to this and you really canít hear it in this clip (you takes what you can get) but this may be the most cowbelliest song ever. Bruce Dickinson would be proud.

160. 7/4 (Shoreline) - Broken Social Scene. Iím still up in the air about this band in general. I was less than whelmed by their latest (or Kevin Drewís solo, whatever) but this I just adore. But I love the odd time signatures and the referencing thereof. I also dig the old school tape! Thatís cassette tape.

Well, I have to go to the Hannah Montana movie, so wish me luck. But as a teaser for next time, which also may feature some of the more way-out artists and a Swedish babe, I give you a lovely video by Veruca Salt. I was surprised this didnít make the Top 200. Maybe next time!


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