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10:31 a.m. - January 14, 2008
Katie - My Science Genius Girl
Itís been a whirlwind. Iím in Denver at a conference, and this week Iíve already found that SBC has cut off our familyís email addresses so we had to scramble to find new ones. Iím now using my address for all non-work stuff, so there.

But the big news was that Katie did very well at the Science Fair on Saturday. She did a neat project on how force affects an object, and did that by blowing up balloons with an air pump and seeing how big they got and how long it took until POP!

Her work was judged highly and she received a Minnie Mouse doll as a prize. Woot.

So, in honor of Katie, my Science Genius Girl, I bring you this pair of videos.

The first is a classic. You know it, you love it, you canít live without it:

Good heavens, Miss Takamoto, youíre beautiful.

The second is a video done by high school students (I think) for Freezepopís great song ďScience Genius GirlĒ. Enjoy!

So, congrats to Katie, my Science Genius Girl!


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