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4:57 p.m. - December 22, 2007
A Classic
Well, as it's soon to be the holidays, and soon we'll have even more boxes to open along with the boxes we have currently, I bid you peace, love and joy.

Today the roads were an ice-skating rink, but all was well even if the anti-locks came on three times and I slid through the intersection of Baker and Valley View. Oopsy!

I think we'll just stay here all warm and cosy and snuggly the next few days. Well, except when we go to church. Or my doctor appointment on Monday morning. Or my dentist appointment. Or when I go back to the office to get the goodies that I got Liz for Christmas.

I leave you now, for a bit, with an oldie but a goodie. You know it, you love it, you can't live without it...


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