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10:32 a.m. - December 20, 2007
I Ramble About Dentistry And I-35.
You know, thereís nothing like spending an hour with four hands inside of your mouth holding various and sundry implements of death, destruction and dental sadism.

But at least my dentist can laugh at my jokes about Marathon Man.

Yep, yesterday I had a temporary crown put in. For those that donít know, that takes about four or five shots of novacaine, and then someone drilling 2/3 of your tooth away (or so it seems), about three or four impressions with goo and slime, and then this plastic thing goes on your tooth while the lab makes the permanent crown.

The funniest part of it was when the assistant was matching my tooth to the proper color of porcelain. It was a Pantone book of tooth color held up against my teeth. (I think the proper color is somewhere between Cool Gray and PMS 5875).

Also, during that process I noticed that my bottom teeth are all catty-whompus again. But that happens. Itís not like your teeth stop moving after you get braces. But you know, I can just live with it. Really, I can. Well, until I become a star of stage, screen and metric filmstrips.

But that wasnít the worst part of yesterday. Everything came to a head after 4:00, with something going askew at work, traffic, and then having a circuit breaker blow whilst composing an email. Oh, and my iPod froze up. You see, at times when I take it from the car and donít put it in my pocket, then the temperature change causes it to stop dead in its tracks, and it wonít do anything until the battery dies. Then you just recharger it and itís like nothing happened. Well, except I didnít have my music all night.

But thatís OK.

Whatís not OK is the confusion swirling around I-35. Not the fact that 35-W has no bridge right now. But we all knew that.

No, there is confusion about I-35 as a whole.

There is a group that claims that I-35 is a highway that is foretold in the book of Isaiah. No, really.

How can I make that up?

Basically, a highway connecting Laredo with Duluth, two cities that did not exist in the time of Isaiah, and a highway that splits into 35E and 35W in Dallas / Ft. Worth and Minneapolis / St. Paul, is a holy highway because of Isaiah 35:8?

ďAnd a highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein..

Yeah, sure, whatever.

The scariest thing is that they are having Purity Sieges. Ulp! Nutballs, we got nutballs.

But of course, I-35 is also the super-secret Super Secret NAFTA Superhighway that already exists and isnít so secret.

I mean some nutballs think that any work on widening and improving one of the busiest highways in the country is the work of one-world conspiracy folks. Cue Tom Tancredo. I-35 will allow ugly, smelly, illegal brown people to invade the US and trim your hedges, mop your floors and serve you a BK Stacker.

The Paultards (who believe that their candidate, Ron Paul, supports any wing-nut theory they put forward even though he clearly doesnít and has said so on record) and the Tancrediots are whipped into a frenzy about things like this.

Just like these fine folks.

BTW, is this picture of Ron Paul like the scariest thing ever??

Iíve got the heebie-jeebies!


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