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10:36 p.m. - December 18, 2007
A Mix To Clean Toothpaste By
Ah, you know, with the season going full bore, and work going full tilt, I’m behind on a lot of other things.

Like shopping for a certain someone. (She’ll like it!)

Like making mixes for certain cool people. I have a list of people who need hugs, who need a lift, who are helping me out, and who are patiently waiting. People, who need people…

I will have time tomorrow for shopping. I have to get a temporary crown in, and my dentist is right by the Eden Prairie Center, so I’ll just hop over there. (Of course, I have THREE more dentist appointments to get through my latest dental fun, but I’ll have all of my own teeth.)

Now, of course, if I just had time for other things BESIDES helping Liz clean up some toothpaste in the kids’ bathroom. She cleaned it off the door, while I took care of the sink and vanity. And yes, it was quite a bit of it. Ah, well. At least their bathroom is minty fresh. As is every towel in the house – and my hands.

Soon, I think everything in the house will be on lockdown.

So, with my head a spinnin’, why not do a mix preview of 10 potential songs for the dozen who may get these tunes, with some video goodness as well to help those out who need helpin’?

1. World Shut Your Mouth – Julian Cope. Cope has had an interesting career. With this song, it looked like he was primed for some stardom, but it eluded him. Then he made a couple of interesting and at times brilliant albums that were too elaborate and dense for the market. And then he retreated into being the acid casualty he had been before. This is the video of this tune, which YouTube says no to embedding, but hey, you can still see it, you know. It rocks!

2. Positive Vibration – Bob Marley. The semi-title cut to his brilliant 1976 album Rastaman Vibration, this is just a classic reggae tune. Here’s a live cut of the song, and you may recognize it if you know more Marley than just what every white frat boy knows.

3. I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred. Yes, not only do I own the song, but I’m mixing it. I’m sick and twisted…

4. Peace Frog – The Doors. I need to do another version of my most overrated bands and artists. I still think Morrison and the Doors are way too overrated for their status, especially how revered they were when I was in college. But this song has a bit of a funky swing to it, even with Morrison caterwauling about blood up to his ankles, and just where does the frog fit into it?

5. Crumbling Land – Pink Floyd. Another one off of Zabriske Point, and last time I posted the scene where things blow up real good. I couldn’t find a YouTube clip, either. Anyway, this is rather much a par-for-the-course early Barrett-less Floyd song of the non-spaced out variety. In other words, it’s rather much a folkie ballad with some flourishes, though the country elements are surprising for Floyd.

6. As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves Of The Sea) – Captain Beyond. This is actually part of a suite that I am mixing for folks from their self titled album. Someone thoughtfully made a video with the suite, so I can prove to you that I’m NOT making up the fact that there was a band named Captain Beyond, and that it indeed featured ex-members of Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly. Heavy.

7. Mouth Breather – Jesus Lizard. Oh, man, if you’ve never experienced the Jesus Lizard, just let me tell you, do not **** with the Jesus Lizard. Here’s a clip of them playing some songs live, including Mouth Breather. (That’s the second song of this clip, right after “Seasick”) Be warned! But crank it!

8. Being Boiled – The Human League. Oh, you kids. You think the poppy hitmakers of “Don’t You Want Me”, “Fascination” and “Human” were always so bright and shiny? What’s this then? A song about BEING BOILED? Oh, yeah, they were a bit dark. Their early history is a bit tangled, and involves the two guys who formed Heaven 17 who then left leaving Phil Oakey to clean up the mess, and he did to the tune of mega-stardom. See, I’m not making it up!

9. I Can’t Wait – Nu Shooz. Oh, this whole essay is veering here, there and everywhere. Good! Just the way I like it.

10. Unless It’s Kicks – Okkervil River. I’m sold on them. I like their sound and this song and I need to explore more. Here’s an instore they did recently.

Well, isn’t that a good taste of what’s coming? I think it is! And it’s minty fresh, too, like the door in the girls’ bathroom!


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