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9:26 p.m. - December 13, 2007
I Am Gonna Just Shut My Mouth From Now On
Ok, so tomorrow is Katie's sixth birthday.

Ok, so Katie lost one of her front teeth today (and is so proud).

Ok, so I have about 5 imperative tasks to do tomorrow at work.

Ok, so Katie has her birthday party at Chuckie Cheese in Edina Saturday, and I need to be ready for it.

Ok, so I've been in the middle of nowhere PA today at a client, but we made it to the airport and took off with no weather incident.

OK, so where am I?

I'm in the airport. In Cincinnati.

Our plane, originally scheduled for 9:06, was delayed to 9:45 when we got here on the ground, so we had time to eat at Qdoba (not a new small Chrysler).

We got to the gate, and heard nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

OK, so earlier today, whilst eating at Qdoba, I remarked to a colleague (who was flying to Des Moines as I were flying back to Minneapolis) that the thing I hate the most is when the plane is here, but they have no crew to fly it.

Well, guess WHAT?

At 9:40, no announcement.

At 9:50 or so, the board flashed that the plane was delayed to 11:30.


The reason.

The crew for the plane is not here. They are en route.

From Des Moines.

I'm just gonna shut up.


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